5 Big Lies about Divorce; The Internet is WRONG.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about Divorce. Online searches are no true replacement to good legal advice.

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A cursory search of the internet revealed these commonly accepted pieces of internet advice that are dead wrong…

  • Child Support. One site discusses the Income Shares Model of determining child support in Mississippi. This is wrong. Mississippi uses the Obligor Model and child support is based primarily upon the income of the non-custodial parent’s adjusted gross income. 
  • Alimony.  That trusted brand Wikipedia includes that Alimony, in Mississippi is “usually awarded for life.” While permanent alimony is possible it is still subject to modification and termination well prior to death and saying it is “usually” awarded is wrong.  Read more about Mississippi Alimony here.
  • “No Fault Divorce”. Common lore has perpetuated the belief Mississippi has “no fault” divorce.  Mississippi does not have “no fault” divorce. Mississippi has Irreconcilable Differences. There is a significant difference.
  • Timing of Divorce. For an Irreconcilable Difference Divorce there is a minimum 60 day waiting period.  It does not mean that you are divorced on day 61. It means that you may present the papers for Court approval after 60 days have passed.  Routinely sites say you will be divorced in 30-90 days. It will never be less than 60 for an Irreconcilable Differences Divorce and if it  is Fault based it can take much longer.
  • Cost of Divorce.  No website can do this justice. I saw one that listed the filing fees and fee for service by publication as the “costs” of a divorce, and a that an attorney may be additional monies.  The posted filing fees were wrong and those come nowhere close to what a divorce could cost.  A competent attorney can tell you the likely costs.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Attorney in Mississippi and if you find yourself needing the answers to any of these above issues, please go see an experienced attorney that handles Family Law in Mississippi.

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Sex, Money and Getting Old; Top Causes for Divorce.

There’s an old joke that the #1 cause of divorce is marriage. While it’s true that you must be married to get a divorce, however there are real reasons that contribute to the breakdown of a marriage.

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1) Sex.  Physical intimacy is a chief complaint heard time and again in divorce situations.  The complaint is either one spouse wants too much, the other spouse wants too little, or one spouse is having it with someone they are not supposed to.  Frequently,  a combination of all three exist.

2) Money.  Lack of financial security is another chief complaint.  The complaint here is that the one spouse earns too little, the other spouse spends too much, or one spouse is spending it on someone (or something) they are not supposed to.

3) Getting Old.  Stuck in a rut, the sever year itch, boredom. This complaint can refer to;  a) the concept of the relationship getting old, losing its “new car smell” and “excitement,” becoming incompatible,  or it can refer to b) the parties actually getting old and, typically, one spouse “trading in” the current spouse for a newer, younger model.  Crass, but true.  Additionally, getting old can refer to c) the bad habits, the nagging, the actions that you used to be able to tolerate from your spouse, but have gotten on your nerves so much that you can no longer take it.

There are , of course, many others; physical abuse, emotional abuse, substance abuse, and the list goes on.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law attorney in Mississippi.

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How To Tie a Bow Tie. ( A Homecoming Special)

With Homecoming season upon us there is not a better time for an excellent video & a written step-by-step guide on “How to tie a bow tie.”


  1. Tie a basic overhand knot (right over left) and pull the knot to the center of your shirt neck.

  2. Fold the side hanging down of the bow so that the “left bow” is doubled and the “right bow” is a single layer.  The fold on the “left bow” becomes the far edge of the bow tie.

  3. Place the center of the bow on the knot in the center of the shirt neck.

  4. Pull the left side of the bow over the middle of the bow and knot. Hanging straight down.

  5. Snap the bow closed and hold the bow in place.

  6. Lightly pull the closed bow to reveal a small hole behind the bow, but in front of the knot.

  7. Push the “back right bow” through the small hole.

  8. Once through, pull the front left bow and back right bow to straighten and tighten the bow tie.

  9. It does not have to look perfect, and a little imperfection is desired as you tied it yourself.


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