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Chancery Courts, Covid and YOu.

The Capital Area Bar Association (CABA) recently held it’s second in a series of offerings featuring local Judges in the area discussing the Court’s efforts to adapt to continuing with Court in this Covid-era.

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Featured were Chancellors Owens, Grove and Roberts. Yours truly was the moderator for the panel. Some 40-odd attorneys were in attendance for this Zoom conference.

The Judge’s comments were similar with the challenges presented by Covid; some court delay with cases involving multiple litigants/attorneys, technical difficulties, and a little too-lax formality when Zooming.

The pro’s were commented on as well; more economical for parties, more efficient for the Court in certain cases, and allowed for out of town, out of state parties/witness to be accommodated with Zoom hearings.

The consensus is Covid and Zoom are both going to be here for a while so attorneys need to adapt. Additionally, some level of Zoom is here to stay and that will make Court and attorney’s more efficient for clients in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about CABA click.

Matthew Thompson is a civil litigation attorney in MS and managing in a Covid-crazed world.

Don’t Make Promises for Other People

We have the best of intentions…

It’s satisfying to help someone, but sometimes we are not in a position to help. It’s always nice to be able to provide the right answer, but sometimes we do not know the right answer. We may even know the person that would know the answer. However, the best course of action is suggesting they contact that person directly.

Likewise, parents should not promise the child what the other parent will do. Life happens. It may end up being something that the other parent cannot do. It may be an obligation that is impossible for them to meet. Promising your child that the other parent will do something is setting both the child and the other parent up for failure.

Don’t make promises for someone else to keep.

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi civil trial lawyer and doesn’t make promises for other people.

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