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Don’t Make Promises for Other People

We have the best of intentions…

It’s satisfying to help someone, but sometimes we are not in a position to help. It’s always nice to be able to provide the right answer, but sometimes we do not know the right answer. We may even know the person that would know the answer. However, the best course of action is suggesting they contact that person directly.

Likewise, parents should not promise the child what the other parent will do. Life happens. It may end up being something that the other parent cannot do. It may be an obligation that is impossible for them to meet. Promising your child that the other parent will do something is setting both the child and the other parent up for failure.

Don’t make promises for someone else to keep.

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi civil trial lawyer and doesn’t make promises for other people.

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Happy Father’s Day!

Somebody can always do it cheaper…is that better?

Cheaper is NOT always better.

Everyone wants a good deal, myself included. However, often in life you get what you pay for!

We’ve all seen the advertisement for the $500 divorce. That could be a really good deal if everything is agreed, it’s just drafting papers and sending for entry.

But, is it a good deal when it doesn’t work? Is it a good deal when it does work, but you weren’t advised of your rights. You did not know about all of the financial and equitable relief you could have gotten.

I’ve seen agreements where the parties agreed to maintain a million dollar whole life insurance policies. They had no idea what that meant or what expense that really involved.

I’ve seen agreements that have not included the correct child support and included terms so onerous a Court would never order it otherwise.

My advice is this, if you spent more than $500 to get married, plan on spending more than $500 to get divorced.

Matthew Thompson is a civil litigation attorney in Mississippi.