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#‎FB Politics Free Friday‬

It’s a thing. Only positive spoken here on this Friday!


I propose that today, Friday, August 5, 2016, be FaceBook Politics Free Friday. A day where we don’t hear about Gold Stars, Benghazi, Campaign Promises or Candidates and the only lies that are told is whether we look good in the attire we chose to wear that day. ‪#‎FBPoliticsFreeFriday‬

Matthew Thompson


Beware of the Lemon Lawyer.

You’ve heard of the Lincoln Lawyer, but what about the Lemon Lawyer…


Signs of the Lemon Lawyer:

  • When you Call the Office and you Never get a Live Person. Voicemail has a purpose, but every time? Leave a message after the beep.
  • Bait and Switch.  That’ll be $19.95. Once hired, that was just the retainer. it will be $19,995.00.
  • It’s Their First Case Doing that Type of Law. We all had to start somewhere, but sometimes the rookie is dangerous.
  • Alternative Fee Arrangements.  Sure. We all like the Barter system, but taking your case for a bushel of beans and your grandpaw’s shotgun… you may get a bushel of something. Also, if there is a “couch fee” option, RUN!
  • Multiple Office Moves. Moving on up is one thing. Constantly moving, multiple firm changes and temporary office space at the Kangaroo Mart are red flags.
  • When you tell other people who represents you they say, “Ohhhh

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Litigation Attorney in Mississippi and warns you to avoid the lemon.

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Just Checking…


Marshall Ramsey sums up Mississippi’s current politico-religiosity in one frame.