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Burn the Couch!

Sometimes cleaning up the scene of the crime helps the healing process.



I previously wrote about  knowing too much of the dirty details may make forgiveness impossible.  Knowing the who, what, where, and when and other dirt can mess with your mind and trigger PTSD-like symptoms.

However, sometimes you cannot forget and you may have a daily reminder in the living room. You are left with 3 options:

  1. You can choose to forgive. 
  2. You can choose NOT to forgive. 
  3. You can BURN the Couch.

Forgiveness takes time, choosing not to forgive takes a commitment, burning the couch takes a lighter.*

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi Divorce Attorney and reminds you that if you are going to burn the couch, do so outside, in a safe manner and in full compliance of all applicable laws.*

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Cockroaches, Your Ex & What they Deserve.

What do you get for your Ex that has everything?


What they deserve.

The Bronx Zoo has a special offer for you. For just $10.00 you can name a roach after your Ex and receive a Certificate to prove it. For the low, low cost of $25.00 it includes an edible, delectable, chocolate treat!

Offer ends soon.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney in Mississippi and encourages you to support your local Zoo. TLF did by adopting a Madgascar Hissing Cockroach in honor of all of your Exes!

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The SleepOver Challenge; How to Judge Yourself and Others

Serving as Family Law Attorney leads to having information that you wish you did NOT have.

From swinging key parties to recreational substance abuse, the surprises just keep coming.  I am constantly surprised at what “normal” people are doing, even your neighbors.

One way to judge your actions is to ask yourself “Do I pass the SleepOver Challenge?” This simple test is whether you would allow your child to go to a sleepover at the neighbor’s house if they were doing what you were doing.

If you answer “yes,” then a Judge would likely be okay with your conduct (assuming you are in the bounds of societal norms).  If your answer is “no,” then it’s time to re-examine what you are doing.

And, if you are engaging in some really bizarre behind closed doors conduct, just disregard this, keep it to yourself and don’t invite anyone for a sleepover.

Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody Attorney practicing Family Law in Mississippi.

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