Super Bowl Sunday; Super Strange Custody Fight

With the Super Bowl imminent it reminded me of a case I was involved in where there was a serious custody battle.  The fight was not over the children, nor the house or the retirement accounts.  The fight was over SEC Season Football Tickets! (certainly worth fighting for)


The tickets were secured by one party who had been getting them for years, but were actually paid for by the other party.  So, both felt they had a legitimate claim, additionally both genuinely wanted the tickets. It was not posturing by the wife to get a better deal or more support.

The solution?  Joint custody.

Each picked certain games that they would attend each year and on the ones that both wanted to attend they agreed to alternate even years and odd years to determine who got to go.  Another interesting aside was that there were 2 tickets for each game.  Who the guest would be was also an issue, as they obviously would not both go at the same time! Neither wanted the other to be able to take a bf/gf. The compromise was that the other ticket would be used by a family member, or a minor friend of the children. (Minor meaning under 21, not just small).  The custody of the season tickets was one of the last issues to get resolved. It really did matter.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney that will handle your custody case, whether it be over Children, the House, Accounts, SEC Season Football Tickets or the Dog!  Trust the Bow Tie.

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The Bow Tie Changes Everything…

I have previously blogged on why I am the Bow Tie Lawyer and how I came to sport bow ties.  I recently read an article about how beards change not only one’s appearance, but also how they are perceived and it made me realize the bow tie also changes not only the person that wears it, but also those that come into contact with the bow tie wearer.

How, you ask, can a mere bow tie change someone?  A bow tie is just a narrow piece of cloth, placed around the neck and collar, tied into a bow, and usually worn on special occasion, also known as a dicky bow.  Here are some beneficial changes;

  • Most people assume you did not tie it and are astounded to find out that you tied it yourself.  They now see you in awe.
  • Most assume tying it is very difficult and because you can tie it you are very smart.  They now see you as superior.
  • Strangers will speak to you and comment on the bow tie’s dashing good looks.  They see you as a trend setter.
  • Fellow bow tie wearers give you an approving head nod.  They see you as in the fraternity.
  • Elderly women think it’s very handsome.  They see you as very handsome.

And, there are some not so beneficial changes;

  • A lot of people assume it’s a clip-on and never find out otherwise.  They see you as an odd, old man wearing a clip-on bow tie.
  • A lot of people assume you are a nerd.  They see you as a nerd.
  • Strangers will make comments to you and  call you Bill Nye and not mean it in a flattering manner. Again, they see you as a nerd.
  • When you are used to wearing long neck ties and switch to bow ties the first several times you wear the bow tie you feel a little under dressed due to not being able to see your tie, other than in a mirror. You are startled when you see yourself the first several times.
  • Younger women think it’s very dorky. They see you as dorky.

The good news is that bow ties are coming back into the mainstream. So, hopefully, if you wear one enough bow ties will once again gain wide acceptance, minimizing the negatives.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney that wears bow ties.  He is also the exception to the rule as all age groups think he and his bow ties are quite dashing and smart.  Trust the Bow Tie.

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Mississippi Legislature Considering Tweak to Child Support

There are a few Bills kicking around the legislature that would impact child support in Mississippi.

Senate Bill 2338 seeks to broaden the income levels that the child support guidelines are applied.  Currently, Child Support is a statutory amount (see Child Support blog) on income if your income is between $5k -$50k per year, adjusted gross income (AGI).  This bill seeks to increase the income range to $10k-$100k per year, AGI.

As the law is currently, if you make $50k per year, AGI, support for one child would be at least $585.  This figure is 14% of $50k and from there the Court could skew it upwards based on the needs of the child.  So, your obligation would likely be in a broad range from $585 -$1,200 per month, give or take, depending on your income.  This change would make the 14% apply directly to all sums over $50k up to $100k AGI.  So, support, at the least, would be $1,166.00 per month.  This likely would keep higher wage earners support in line with what they are already paying and is not a substantial change.

Senate Bill 2339 proposes a more significant change.  This skews upward all statutory amounts, as follows;

  • 1 Child  from 14% to 17%
  • 2 Children from 20% to 24%
  • 3 Children from 22% to 26%
  • 4 Children from 24% to 28%
  • 5 or more Children from 26% to 30%

So in the same example from above the parent that owed $585 would now owe $710 in support, and if both Bills pass then the amount could be $1,416 per month if the paying parent made $100k AGI.

Mississippi has some of the lowest rates nationally for child support, but also extends the obligation to (21), which is longer than most other states, which end support at 18 or 19.  SB 2339 also proposes to decrease the age for emancipation to 18, or 19, depending upon whether the child has finished high school.  This is a significant change in the law and would only apply to post July 1, 2013, Orders and Judgments.  Neither are law now and it does not appear there is a groundswell of support for either, those these changes would make Mississippi in line with most other states.

Stay tuned to see what the “Hissing Possums” pass.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney that keeps abreast of the law and changes related thereto.  He also just used abreast and thereto in a sentence and twice referenced to hissing possums, as Saturday Night Live mockingly referred to the Mississippi Legislature.

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