FAQ/ Links

This is for Frequently Asked Questions and General Law related info, apart from the Family Law 101 available here.(click me).

(This section is updated regularly.)


Do I Need a Lawyer?

How do I find a Lawyer?

I have been served legal papers! What do I do?

Will I have to Testify? What is Testimony?

Will my Child Have to Testify?

Latin Lessons:

Res Judicata

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

Churchill Wisdom:

On Marriage

On Divorce


Identity Theft 101; Things to help yourself.

How do you tie a Bow Tie?

MS Gun Laws


MS Code-Domestic Relations         

MS Supreme Court        

 MS Bar

Thompson Law Firm, pllc    Matthew Thompson    (601) 850-8000


4 thoughts on “FAQ/ Links”

    1. You might as well cut me with a knife with your Bow Tie comments, along with Abe Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt, Justice John Paul Stevens & Bill Nye, The Science Guy. (All Bow Tie wearers!!) I appreciate your comments and am checking out “circle of legal trust.”

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