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What do Hurricanes and Legal Custody have in Common?

Legal custody pertains to the decision making right regarding your child’s health, education and general welfare.


Legal custody, most commonly awarded as “Joint Legal Custody,” requires that each parent keep the other informed of the child’s goings on. This includes not only health, education, and general welfare, but also school and activity schedules, medical appointments and any major matter regarding the child’s life

It requires that parents communicate and cooperate when it comes to making decision about the well-being of the child. It certainly includes informing the other parent if a move is anticipated.

Legal custody includes sharing the status of the child’s well-being and location in emergency situations.  Chancery Courts require specific language that states;

“IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that in the event of a threat, disaster, or other emergency, such as  a hurricane, which causes an emergency evacuation, any party who has custody of a minor child (either physical custody or visitation) shall notify the other parent of the location and well-being of the minor as soon as reasonably possible.

While this should be common sense, divorced parties are not always known for exercising common sense.  Hurricanes and Legal Custody require that you  keep the other parent informed on the well-being of the child.

Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody attorney in Mississippi and routinely exercises common sense and encourages you to do so as well.

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Crazy Train Express: Next Stop Crazy Town.

Fighting with your significant other can drive you crazy.

Crazy is a four-letter word in our PC climate today, but sometimes the acronyms of OCD, BPD, or NPD just don’t cut it. Family law issues and the divorce process can be hard, confusing and challenging to common sense thinking.

The Crazy Train seems extra busy in family law cases and it always goes off of the rails. I have seen physically abusive conduct, stalking, harassment, threats, followed by insincere apologies and persons acting as if all of the prior never occurred. “I’m sorry you made me hit you,” is NOT an apology. Game playing, ignoring legal advice and ignoring common sense are symptoms you may be on the Crazy Train.

If you have exhibited any of the above, please see your nearest Divorce “Doctor” so you can get off the Crazy Train.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce and Child Custody Attorney in Mississippi and recommends you NOT be on the crazy train when it leaves the station.

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