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Who Can You Count On?

Woody, from Toy Story, was always someone Andy could count on.

However, Woody is fiction and so is the vast numbers of people you can count on.

Today’s post is not a pessimistic world view, but you can count on five people, maybe.

You can count on your parents, usually. You can count on your siblings, oftentimes. You can count on bestfriends, sometimes. You can count on professionals, reasonably speaking. You can count on your spouse, about half of the time. Anyone else? Don’t count on it.

That co-worker that said the orange shirt looked good on you told your other co-worker it looked like you worked at Orange Julius. That friend from the gym, isn’t so friendly behind your back. That acquaintance from tennis that always smiles, is not smiling when they’re recounting the latest bit of gossip, that they know is not true…

A wise man once said, “If you have no expectations of people, you will not be disappointed.”

Humans are imperfect creatures. We all mess up. Sometimes in big public ways that lend themselves to public scorn, sometimes in private, discreet manners that result in no harm, no foul. However, we all mess up. Remember that.

Matthew Thompson is a family law/civil defense attorney and often gives the advice- prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and you’ll usually end up somewhere in between.

Parent Tip of the Day: Delete SnapChat and TikTok

Social Media makes it very easy to stay in touch and plugged in. Too easy…

Parenting has always been a hard, full-time job. With the availability of technology at our finger tips, it seemingly is getting harder.

One way to make it easier? Delete SnapChat and TikTok from your child’s device.

I agree the SnapChat filters are neat but the access/potential for trouble is too great. It is too easy for some random to connect and send a message or image. SnapChat creates a false sense of security with its auto-delete feature. With everyone having multiple devices and traveling in packs, this provides no real security.

TikTok, too. Some of the videos are cute, but many are not.

Delete the temptation. You’ll have one less thing to worry about and more time too.

Matthew Thompson is a parent and is expressing his personal opinion.

Leadership: MS Style…

  1. the action of leading a group of people or an organization.

Mississippi is in the headlines again. This time due to MS being the last state in the country that has the Confederate battle flag in its state flag.

There is a growing push to change the flag to something that is more representative of MS today, as opposed to the late 1800s.

As usual, there are loud voices pro and con for any change.

However, there are meek voices in between. Our most prominent elected officials are not stating their view, but instead are saying let the people vote. This is not leadership.

We the people elected these persons as our representatives. Their job is to represent the will of the people and do what is best for MS.

While I am supportive of a change in the flag, I understand that others are not, however the task for elected officials is to do and promote what is best for all of Mississippi.

I have yet to have any answer to the question on “why keeping the current flag is best for MS?”

I’ve heard heritage vs. hate arguments. I’ve heard we already voted arguments. I’ve heard the slippery slope arguments of what’s next if it is changed, but what is deafening is any cogent, reasonable reason to maintain the current, indisputably divisive flag.

Leadership is the action of leading. It is time for our Leaders to have an opinion, back it up and do what they believe is best for all of Mississippi. Take a stand.

Matthew Thompson is a civil lawyer in Mississippi and expects elected officials to lead.