Bow Tie 411

Why the Bow Tie?

Why the Bow Tie?

Several years ago I was having lunch with Mark Chinn (legal mentor, former boss, and still great friend). We were discussing branding. Mark wears a fedora as his trademark. He does so as a part of his style and branding, as well as for practical reasons like sun protection. He is well-known and identifiable by his hat. As we discussed branding, I knew I wanted something simple, memorable, and not a hat.

What about a bow tie?  They were seemingly simple and memorable at least to the extent that you didn’t see many young persons sporting bow ties. We had a firm event coming up, our annual divorce firm Valentine’s party.  I thought that would be a fine time to unveil the bow tie. I went to Mozingo Clothiers and left with a bow tie that Charlie helped tie.

As I mulled over wearing the bow tie, I thought, “Everyone is going to ask if I tied it…I want to say YES.”  I untied it, having never tied a bow tie before and on my second attempt did a pretty fine job, with the help of Charlie’s lesson and a You Tube video.

That night I had lots of compliments and of course, I tied it myself.

One morning while in Court I appeared before a Judge that I had not been before regularly. She commented on my bow tie, approvingly. Court went fine.  Some weeks later I was back in her Court. I was speaking with the Judge’s Court Administrator and had my back to the Judge’s Chambers. The Judge approached me and asked me to turn around so she could see what color bow tie I was wearing that day. I knew I was on to something.

9 thoughts on “Bow Tie 411”

  1. “I wear bow ties and I like it.” Ha!

    Interesting way of branding yourself that most attorneys would probably be too afraid to do. I admit I probably would be, thinking the no nonsense-type judges would treat me differently, thinking I’m trying to be a clown or something. But I guess once it gets down to business, things like that are forgotten.

    I think the key to anything like this is that you genuinely do like it. If you were just doing the bowtie to be whacky, as a marketing consultant I would probably veto it. I think people know are ok with serious professionals having a little fun as long as they’re accomplished and focused when it comes to their case.

    Anyway, thought I’d leave a comment. Hope you don’t mind.

    1. I appreciate your comments. I wear bow ties and genuinely like them. I was concerned about the “schtick effect,” somewhat that you pointed out. However, committing to the bow tie, wearing the bow tie and defending the bow tie have all allowed me to be very comfortable in a bow tie. I routinely give them as gifts and think everyone should have at least one and no serious person can disagree with that. I have had positive feedback from Judges and while I have had a few hecklers that is to be expected and I wear that as a badge of honor too. Please comment any time! #TrustTheBowTie


  2. Lol. Too bad someone has “” already. That seems strange. Was that a defensive move on their part?

    I’ll admit I’ve never worn one and don’t know how to tie one, but I do feel like I’ve missed out for never experiencing that.

    Thanks again, nice blog.

  3. Matthew-

    I’m a big fan of bow ties and have admittedly never been able to get a good knot. I will have to study your video to help perfect this art! Where do you like to get your ties from? I’ve got a nice collection from Ben Silver– pricey, but nice.

    Nice site. Jonathan

    1. Thanks, Jonathan! I get my bow ties from 4 sources. 1) local department stores. Usually the lowest price and good selection. In my experience they wear well. 2) local fine men’s habidashery. It’s cool to say they’re from so-and-so, but you pay for it. 3) Great site, great selection. 4) Gifts. Once the word is out you wear then you get bow ties for every occasion and even when it’s not.

      Tie your own, wear with pride.

      Thank you for your comments.


  4. Matthew, Thanks for following FIGHTER FAITH. My book One of the Few is coming out soon. Sign up for early notification and I’ll send you a free copy of my e-booklet Far Better Men.

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