Can I Change the Locks?

Can I change the locks on the marital home?


Yes.  You can change the locks if it is your house, condo, apartment, or camping trailer.  This includes;

  • purchasing the home
  • leasing (applicable for divorce purposes ONLY, your lease may say otherwise)
  • renting
    • Assuming there is not a Court/Temporary Order preventing you from accessing your home.

Can he/she change the locks without telling me?  

Yes, however you/he/she can let yourself in if it’s your residence and there is no Court Order preventing you from accessing your home.  If you are purchasing the home, or leasing or renting the abode, apartment, condo or camping trailer you can let yourself in.

Matthew Thompson is a divorce attorney in Mississippi and reminds you to also change the garage entry door and reprogram the garage door openers.


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