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Tips for Witnesses.

Today’s advice is for potential witnesses.


#1 Don’t refuse to talk to the attorney if they call to talk to you, unless it’s smart to not to.

You don’t have to speak, but if you do you may can avoid a subpoena or having to testify later.

#2 Don’t try to refuse a subpoena.

It’s tacky. Refusing to touch the papers does not invalidate service.

#3 Don’t be rude.

I get you have a job, but so do I. I attempted to call you weeks ago and do this politely. You refused to answer or speak. You refused to call back.

#4 Don’t lie to get out of testifying.

It’s tacky too. And dishonest.

Matthew Thompson is a divorce attorney and just wants the facts.



Snowflake Criticism; I’m not sure you’re using it right…

The en vogue criticism is calling a liberal-someone a “snowflake.”


However, today a bunch of snowflakes have shut down state and local government, most schools and have helped persons lose their minds, temporarily.

I think snowflakes are tougher than we give them credit for. – Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson is family law attorney in Mississippi and cautions you to drive careful. It’s snowing.



Don’t Lie…much.(& never to the FBI).

Tip of the day: When testifying, do NOT lie. Also, do NOT lie to the FBI.


Lying in Court is perjury, not smart and causes you to lose credibility with the Judge. Lying to your lawyer results in frivolous matters being filed, tried and ultimately can open you up to sanctions of the Court.  Lying to the FBI gets you indicted.

noun: lie; plural noun: lies
an intentionally false statement.
  1. synonyms: untruthfalsehoodfibfabricationdeception, piece of fiction, falsification

If you aren’t sure what the truth is then just say so. Don’t lie.