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Another Black Eye for Mississippi; It’s NOT Heritage, It’s Hate…

Mississippians voted in the midterms in record numbers, something we should all be proud of. However, spoiler alert, a Mississippian embarrassed the entire state.

A voter in Olive Branch, Mississippi, Clayton John Hickey, wore this shirt to vote on Tuesday. He has since lost his job and is a pariah on social media. 

Surprisingly, or perhaps ashamedly not, persons are defending him for wearing this. There really is no defense. Does he have Constitutional protections to wear this shirt? Yes. Are their consequences for our actions? Yes.

The “confederate” flag has become a symbol of hate and division. Perhaps it had proud beginnings, but that has been overpowered by hate groups. The above shirt, in addition to the flag, has a noose and “Mississippi Justice” emblazoned on it. Inexcusable.

Our state leaders would do well to take a stand not only against Hickey, but against this symbol.

Literally a campaign sign for Chris McDaniel. 

There is absolutely no connection between Hickey and McDaniel…other than the “rebel” canton. However, you are mistaken if you believe explaining your policy differences will somehow distinguish your position on the State flag and the voters referendum in 2001, arguing it gives you the moral high-ground to continue to support an indisputable symbol of hate and intolerance.

“In 2001, there was a vote.  This vote was not “Do you Love the Current Flag above all Others?”  But instead it was do you Like “Flag A” better than “Flag B” ?  Flag A won, 64.39% to 35.61%.” …and Flag B was ugly. -Matthew Thompson


Actual McDaniel sign on public display. You know your campaign and materials have issues when your own supporters cover up part of your sign

The Stennis Flag

download.jpgThere is a push afoot to adopt this Flag, the Stennis flag, as the State’s new symbol. It began grass-roots, but has taken hold and can be seen throughout the state. The flag was designed by Senator John C. Stennis’s granddaughter, Laurin Stennis, a Mississippi artist.
The significance of the flag is explained;
  • Nineteen stars form a circle around a larger center star, which represents Mississippi as the 20th state to join the Union in 1817.
  • The centering of the blue star on the field of white is an inverted “Bonnie Blue,” a reference to the state’s secession (1861 – 1865).
  • The circular shape symbolizes wholeness and continuity and is also drawn from artifacts of indigenous peoples to our region, particularly, the Choctaw Nation.
  • The red bars stand in opposition, recognizing the passionate differences we sometimes harbor, as well as in honor of those who have given their lives in pursuit of liberty and justice for all.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law attorney and is tired of the hate, rhetoric and, in the immortal (paraphrased) words of Fannie Lou Hamer, is sick and tired of being sick and tired for our State.


Judicial Election Winners & Run-off(s)


Chancery Judges Unopposed

Dewayne Thomas

Denise Owens 


Crystal Wise Martin defeating Reginald Harrion


Tiffany Grove  vs.  Monique Brown-Barrett



Chancery Judges Unopposed

John C. McLaurin, Jr.

Haydn J. Roberts


Mel Coxwell vs. Troy Odom


CHANCERY CT. DIST 14 Place 1 (Starkville, Columbus, et. al.)


Lee Ann Turner vs. Rodney Faver 









Charles E. “Charlie” Smith Chancery 21-2

Judge Larry Primeaux. Unopposed.


LEFLORE COUNTY  (includes additional Delta counties)


Katherine Tackett Mills vs. Willie J. Perkins, Sr. 



David Shoemake


THE COAST Chancery Court Judge 8, 3 


Margaret Alfonso vs. Sanford R. (Sandy) Steckler 

This race is exciting because of the candidates. Judge Steckler is the incumbent.Judge Alfonso is a former Chancellor who left Chancery for Youth Court (County Court) and is now running.This makes a very recent former Chancellor against a current Chancellor and they actually served together.

Chancery Court District 16 Place 2, SW Coastal Counties


 Tanya Hasbrouck vs. Ashlee Trehern.

Harrison County Court/Youth Court


Mike Dickinson vs.  Anna Ward Sukmann


District 6: Attala, Carroll, Choctaw, Kemper, Neshoba, Winston 


Kiley Kirk

…more to come.


Elect David McCarty- Court of Appeals Judge

David McCarty is running for Court of Appeals Judge in Mississippi. Citizens of this state would be well-served by electing him to this position.

David McCarty

“I have devoted my legal career to the unique practice of appeals, beginning as a law clerk at the Mississippi Supreme Court. In the past thirteen years, I have represented dozens of clients in federal and state appeals—from small businesses to parents who were fighting for the best for their children. In over 30 oral arguments, I traveled before our Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and the Fifth Circuit to advocate for my clients.

Why should you care? The Mississippi Court of Appeals considers the vast majority of Family Law Appeals, along with criminal law, business law and other disputes assigned to the Court by the Mississippi Supreme Court. David is the most experienced candidate. David’s campaign emphasized experience, integrity and fairness, David has pledged to treat all persons and cases appearing before his Court with dignity and respect. This is a promise you can count on.


  • Over 70 cases ruled on by the Mississippi Supreme Court and Court of Appeals — more than three times the experience of all other candidates combined

    • Over 30 oral arguments before the Mississippi Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and Eighth Circuit

  • Adjunct professor since 2005 at Mississippi College School of Law for classes in Evidence, Trial Practice, Appellate Advocacy, and Pretrial Practice

    •  Law Review, Articles Editor 

    • Moot Court, Competition Chair

    • JD, Mississippi College School of Law, cum laude

  • Author of multiple scholarly works, including a treatise on evidence as well as a study of judicial speech laws

  • Co-founder, Appellate Practice Section of the Mississippi Bar

Who can vote for David? Court of Appeals District 4 The district is a portion of Hinds County, south, a little east and then west. The largest populated areas are the portion of Hinds County, McComb area and Natchez area. It’s a big district that includes the following Counties; Adams, Amite, Copiah, Covington, Franklin, Jefferson Davis, Lawrence, Lincoln, Marion, Pike, Simpson, Walthall and Wilkinson; that portion of Hinds County not included in the Second Court of Appeals District; and that portion of Jones County not included in the Third Court of Appeals District.


So is this a paid ad for David? No. I am posting this because I believe in David McCarty. I have committed my professional existence to practicing in front of fair, impartial, honest Judges in Mississippi, who treat others with dignity and respect. I am convinced that he is exactly what Mississippi needs and exactly what Mississippi will get with the election of David McCarty.