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Don’t Parent like a Snail.

Matthew Thompson is a child custody attorney in Mississippi and advises parent’s to not take the snail’s care-free approach to parenting.

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Advice to Parents; Grow up

If you are the parent to a child then act like it.


We have seen the reports and stories of parents going off the deep end. Using illegal drugs, abusing substances, pursuing bad-idea relationships and ultimately putting their own selfish desires above the needs of their children.  It’s time to stop.

There are only a handful of people that you, as a parent, are ultimately responsible for; yourself and the people you brought into this world, your children.

Don’t shirk your duties. Don’t neglect your children. Don’t be so consumed with your own desires that you lose sight of what is important. Don’t hate another person so much it clouds your judgment when it comes to your children.

Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody attorney and encourages parents to grow up and act like a parent.


Parenting Rubbish

Happy New Year? Rubbish…

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Oftentimes, we think a new year is a new beginning, or at least it should be, but your ex will continue to let you down and disappointment reigns supreme. 

Parenting Rubbish:

“Letting” the Child pick/dictate the schedule. Jr. doesn’t want to go with you. Every now and again, perhaps Jr. really doesn’t and there is good reason. However, always letting the child opt out is not good parenting.

Signing the Child up for activities to interfere with the other parent’s time. But, Jr. really wanted to play badminton. Sure, it’s every other weekend and Wednesdays, but that was just coincidence…

“Forgetting” to share milestones. Jr. was confirmed at church or Grandparent’s Day at school…well, they could have found out if they really wanted too…also, in Mississippi, the first hunting experience. Really.

Not listing the Other parent on school and medical forms. That will show them. They are not a “real” parent, instead list your new squeeze. The school won’t know.

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Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody attorney and warns that Judge’s don’t appreciate this garbage.

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