Signs of Terrible Parenting

In case you are wondering, “Am I being a terrible parent?” Ask yourself these questions, if you answer yes, you may well be parenting terribly.

  • Do you withhold financial support from your child?
  • Do you discuss grown-up issues with your young child?
  • Do you degrade the other parent to your child?
  • Do you take the position Easter is not a “holiday”?
  • Do you prevent your child from seeing the other parent?

A “Yes” to any of these does not require that you are a terrible parent, however your parenting as to that issue may be terrible. So, you ask, how do I not parent terribly?

  • Pay your support- if you have the means go beyond.
  • Do not discuss grown-up issues – the child does not need to know the details of the divorce.
  • Do not criticize the other parent – I agree they deserve it, but the child does not.
  • Easter is a holiday. It just is.
  • Allow your child to see the other parent – exceptions for dangerous circumstances only.

Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody Lawyer in Mississippi and reminds you to not be a terrible parent.

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