Child Support, FaceBook and Poor Judgment = Rich Consequences

Pay your Child Support.  It’s been said and blogged before, but a few payors have yet to get the message…

John McCroy. FaceBook

Newly Internet famous, John McCroy, reportedly paid his $100.00 per month child support only one time.  He allegedly refused to pay because he  died and could not afford it.  Neither appears true.  Above is the recent photo of himself with at least $100.00 and being alive.

Social media like FaceBook (also, don’t do this on FB) and other sites are now routinely reviewed in determining a potential party’s whereabouts, goings-on and can be used as a snap shot into their financial status.

I have personally prepared to use FaceBook photos of an ex, severely behind on their obligations, claiming they cannot afford it, but had numerous pictures of their new car and the recent vacation they just took to the beach.  Certainly, there are circumstances where persons cannot afford their obligations when life gets in the way, but pictures of your new car and recent vacation are proof positive you are choosing to not pay your obligations.

Just like McCroy, it was proof they could meet the obligation, but chose not to.  McCroy posted numerous photos and comments once his “story” broke. He noted that no one in the media has mentioned that his Baby’s Mama was keeping the child away from him.  If true he should seek Contempt against her or specified visitation rights, it is not a basis to not pay your child support.

Matthew Thompson is a Child Support Lawyer in Mississippi and reminds you that as a parent you have a moral and legal obligation to pay Child Support.

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