Gun Myths Debunked

People make a lot of assumptions about guns.  Most of them are wrong…

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Mississippi has fairly straight forward gun laws.

Can I purchase a gun from a dealer

Yes, if you are 18 or older for a long gun (ie: shotgun, rifle, muzzle loader)


Yes, if you are 21 or older for a hand gun (ie: pistol, revolver)


have not been convicted of domestic violence, a felony and have not been committed for alcohol or drugs, and are not under the influence at the time of purchase.

What about Possessing a Firearm?

Possession as opposed to purchasing has lesser restrictions.  There is not minimum age for possession of a long gun. It’s not uncommon for 9-year-olds and up to have a shotgun for dove or duck hunting.  It’s legal, and assuming proper supervision, safe.  The law is a little more restrictive on a youngster possessing a handgun, but you can possess one if you are 18 or older, and if younger than 18 you may possess one for hunting purposes, at a shooting range or on private property with permission of the landowner.

Do I need a Permit or License?


Do I have to Register my Firearm?


What about Concealed Carry?

MS has recently adopted new laws concerning concealed carry vs. open carry and a license is required for Concealed Carry.

Where can I have this gun?

Your home, your business and your car and a lot of other places too, unless there is a Federal restriction against it, or if your local entity has the proper signage, unless of course you have the instructor certified endorsement (though the endorsement does not override Federal restrictions). Confused yet?

I would suggest you consult with your local law enforcement office if you have specific questions, though reading the law for yourself may prove more beneficial.  Also, the laws are ever-changing.  Confer with an attorney if you have any questions concerning the use, purchase or possession of a firearm in Mississippi before you have an issue.

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3 thoughts on “Gun Myths Debunked”

  1. And its always good to remember that different states, have different laws.

    FWIW, Wyoming has very “liberal” (i.e., non restrictive) laws in this area, close to being the least restrictive of any state. Of course, the Federal law is the same everywhere. Even here, however, confusion can result. For example, it’s widely believed that any Wyomingite can carry concealed, but that’s totally incorrect. Any Wyomingite who would qualify for a concealed permit, can carry concealed even if they lack the permit, which is a little different. But a person does have to qualify.

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