Should I Get a Gun?

Doing what I do I get asked a lot of questions.  Family Law leads to a lot of weird situations, but one question that I get more than you’d think is
“Should I get a gun?”


Should I Get a Gun has a lot of moving parts as far as a question goes…

  • Do you fear for your physical safety?  
  • Is that reasonable under the circumstances?

Fearing for physical safety requires more than the purchasing of a firearm.  Upon a good faith belief of bodily harm you should be considering getting to a safe place, a Restraining Order, Law Enforcement Involvement and further Court action, in addition to a firearm.

  • Do you know how to use a gun?  
  • Are you willing to educate yourself?

Training course are offered all the time now.  Handgun, shotgun, self-defense, and home defense courses are all the rage. Take one or two or all of them.  Even experienced gun users would benefit.  Proper training, muscle memory, repetitive exercises will all aid in your confidence as well handling of a serious situation.

  • Will you practice?  
  • You have to practice!

Practice, practice, practice.  There are several ranges throughout the state.  You have to shoot and need to shoot to be comfortable with your firearm.

  • Safety. Safety. Safety.

Safety is the most critical aspect of owning and handling a firearm. Treating them all as loaded. Only aiming at intended targets. Keeping them safely and securely locked away from children and those that should not have access to a firearm is critical.

So, Should you get a Gun? Yes, if you are willing to educate, train, be safe and use it responsibly.

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi Family Law attorney and encourages safe and responsible gun ownership.

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2 thoughts on “Should I Get a Gun?”

  1. “There are several ranges throughout the state.”

    Unfortunately, for one reason or another, there also tend to be people in any one area who are dedicated to shutting ranges down, which is a real shame. They provide a valuable educational and sporting service, irrespective of what a person’s views on firearms otherwise may be.

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