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Mississippi Gun Laws; Churches, Open Carry & You.

Mississippi House Bill 786 is poised to become law any second.  This is commonly referred to as the “Mississippi Church Protection Act.

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It basically extends Castle Law Doctrine immunities to you while at church, if you otherwise meet the requirements.  Prerequisites include that your Church is such per state law, that your Church establish  a security program, that members of said security program otherwise meet the licensure requirements of 45-9-101 and said members take an instructional course. Finally, the members must be in the act of “resisting any unlawful attempt to kill a member(s) or attendee(s) of such church or place of worship, or to commit any felony upon any such member or attendee in the church or place of worship or in the immediate premises thereof.”

This Bill is being noted for what else it claims to do.  Buried on page 18 of 30 in the bill is a one sentence addendum to the current concealed carry statute, 45-9-101 et al.

“(24) No license shall be required under this section for a loaded or unloaded pistol or revolver carried upon the person in a sheath, belt holster or shoulder holster or carried in a purse, handbag, satchel, other similar bag or briefcase or fully enclosed case.”

I’ve seen stories, blogs and FaceBook posts touting this as a seismic shift in Mississippi Gun law. However, readers of this blog will know that this has been the law since at least July 2013. At this time, the definition of Concealed for purposes of the law came into being.

97-37-1. (1) Except as otherwise provided in Section 45-9-101, any person who carries, concealed * * * on or about one’s person, any pistol, revolver… must have a concealed carry license.”

“(4) For the purposes of this section, “concealedmeans hidden or obscured from common observation and shall not include… a loaded or unloaded pistol carried upon the  person in a sheath, belt holster or shoulder holster that is wholly or partially visible, or carried upon the person in a scabbard or case for carrying the weapon that is wholly or partially visible.”

Are you safer in church? Well, that depends on who you go to Church with. Is there any other meaningful change in the law? No, just further clarifying what the law is and making the criminal code and concealed carry laws consistent.

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Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney in Mississippi and supports your Second Amendement right to responsible gun onwership.

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Should I Get a Gun?

Doing what I do I get asked a lot of questions.  Family Law leads to a lot of weird situations, but one question that I get more than you’d think is
“Should I get a gun?”

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Should I Get a Gun has a lot of moving parts as far as a question goes…

  • Do you fear for your physical safety?  
  • Is that reasonable under the circumstances?

Fearing for physical safety requires more than the purchasing of a firearm.  Upon a good faith belief of bodily harm you should be considering getting to a safe place, a Restraining Order, Law Enforcement Involvement and further Court action, in addition to a firearm.

  • Do you know how to use a gun?  
  • Are you willing to educate yourself?

Training course are offered all the time now.  Handgun, shotgun, self-defense, and home defense courses are all the rage. Take one or two or all of them.  Even experienced gun users would benefit.  Proper training, muscle memory, repetitive exercises will all aid in your confidence as well handling of a serious situation.

  • Will you practice?  
  • You have to practice!

Practice, practice, practice.  There are several ranges throughout the state.  You have to shoot and need to shoot to be comfortable with your firearm.

  • Safety. Safety. Safety.

Safety is the most critical aspect of owning and handling a firearm. Treating them all as loaded. Only aiming at intended targets. Keeping them safely and securely locked away from children and those that should not have access to a firearm is critical.

So, Should you get a Gun? Yes, if you are willing to educate, train, be safe and use it responsibly.

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi Family Law attorney and encourages safe and responsible gun ownership.

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