But, I Pay Child Support!?!

Child Support.  The two most despised words in all of child custody related matters. Ok, maybe not the most despised, but it leads to more litigation than any other single issue.
Stuart Miles/ freedigitalphotos.net

I have previously written on Child Support in Mississippi.  Today’s post is about what Child Support is really for and what it is not.

I have lost count of the times that a parent paying child support demanded to know how the monies are being spent and wanting to know just what the other parent is spending “their” money on.  I have also heard when the receiving parent has requested additional monies the response is,”I paid my child support, you figure it out.”

Child Support is intended to go towards the child’s needs. Food, shelter, clothing and necessities. However, the statutory sums rarely equate to an amount sufficient for all of that.

Mississippi has some of the lowest amounts, percentage wise, in the Country. 14% for one child equals between 150-585 per month. By the time any rent or a mortgage is paid, it’s gone.

Child support may be used to pay the rent, groceries, gas, clothing, shoes, school expenses, medical, dental, utilities, activities, etc. It’s not limited to solely purchases just for the child and it’s not improper for the parent to spend it as they see fit, so long as it’s a benefit for the child.

The paying parent may well gripe. And, it may be a lot of money to you, but it’s usually not enough to pay for a child’s true expenses.


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