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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is the #1 overlooked “holiday” in divorce agreements.


Don’t overlook Halloween.

Matthew Thompson is a child custody attorney in Mississippi and wishes you and yours a special and memorable Halloween.


Are YOU a Terrible Parent?

Food, shelter and clothing are necessities and while providing them is the minimum, doing so alone does not make you a great parent.


  • Do you encourage a relationship between the child and the other parent?
    • Just NOT badmouthing them does not make you a great parent. You should encourage and promote a good relationship.  Oh, and it’s required when parties have joint legal custody.
  • Do you withhold financial support from your child?
    • Money isn’t everything, but there is no excuse for not supporting your child.
  • Do you degrade the other parent to your child?
    • “I don’t lie to my child!” 1) Yes, you do. Everyday, to protect them. 2) Telling them how big a scoundrel the other parent is hurts the child. Half of their identity is from that scoundrel!
  • Do you prevent your child from seeing the other parent or interfere with the visitation?
    • Out of sight is NOT out of mind. Absence can make the heart grow fonder…

Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody Lawyer in Mississippi and reminds you to not be a terrible parent.

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Happy Halloween!



It’s Halloween.  A day of costumes, candy and having fun. Often, Halloween is not addressed in the divorced parent’s papers. It is after all, not a “real” holiday. However, I usually include Halloween in custody schedules.

While not a real holiday, it is nonetheless an important day in your child’s life. From picking out the costume to sneaking a Reese’s, memories are certainly made and then cherished.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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