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Happy halloween- the “Forgotten” Holiday

Halloween is a fun excuse to dress up, eat candy and be a kid again.

However, you may only get this chance if your divorce papers allow it! Halloween is not a “real” holiday, and while admittedly it has a relatively short shelf-life on being magical, it’s still a fun experience.

Halloween is not in the Court’s standard schedule and not a Federal Holiday. So, if you want it you better address it and/or ask the Court for the day or that it be alternated between the parents.

Don’t only count on the other parent to be reasonable. Sometimes they are NOT!

Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody lawyer in Mississippi and reminds you to consult the calendar when devising a custody schedule.

Happy Halloween!



It’s Halloween.  A day of costumes, candy and having fun. Often, Halloween is not addressed in the divorced parent’s papers. It is after all, not a “real” holiday. However, I usually include Halloween in custody schedules.

While not a real holiday, it is nonetheless an important day in your child’s life. From picking out the costume to sneaking a Reese’s, memories are certainly made and then cherished.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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