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Best Parenting Advice; Be Consistent and Be Positive

No, this isn’t a Tony Robbins webinar.

This advice comes from years of custody disputes, multiple counselors, being a parent and seeing a lot of what-not-to-do.

#1 Be Consistent

Be there. Show up when you are supposed to. Be there when you can in addition to when you are supposed to. Be supportive mentally, emotionally, financially. Be calm. Be steady. Be there.

#1A Be Positive.

Be a good example. Be a positive role model. Say nice things about your child. Say nice things about the other parent. Be reassuring. Be encouraging. Be loving. Be affectionate.

That’s it. Do those things. You’ll win at parenting.

Matthew Thompson is a child custody attorney in Mississippi and encourages all parents to be consistent and be positive, even you.

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Be BETTER than a GOOD parent.

Everyday I hear about issues concerning what to do and how to do it regarding child and parenting matters?

Can he come to the school program?

What happens if she’s late?

What if…?

The best single piece of parenting advice is;


Of course he can go to the school program.  Almost anyone can go to the school program. It’s a safe bet that if I can go, he can go. (Unless there is a Court Order stating otherwise.) If she’s running 15 minutes late, wait 15 more minutes.  Send a text or call. Ask why she’s late. She was late to everything you ever did in 12 plus years of marriage!  Why would it be different now?

What if…? As to “What Ifs?” Ask yourself what would a reasonable parent do.  Read more about the best thing you can do for your child here.

So, invite your ex to the next event for your child. Go out of your way to be cordial and at least not hostile. Your child wants them there. Tell yourself that you are being the “bigger” person, if you have to.  It’s what your children need!

Matthew Thompson is a Family and Child Custody attorney in Mississippi reminding you that acting in your children’s best interests should be your #1 priority!

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