The Hardest Check to Return; Paying Your Alimony Early and the Pitfalls of “Acceptance”?

Harold Hamm, oil tycoon of Continental Resources sent his ex a check for $974.8 million!

However, she rejected the check delivered to her lawyers.

Hamm immediately sent the full cash value of what a divorce ruling by an Oklahoma County judge determined he owed.  The check was refused because “Ms. Arnall did not want to risk the dismissal of her appeal by acceptance of the benefits.”

Reports indicated that Mr. Hamm was worth some $18 billion and Ms. Arnall’s near-billion dollar payoff seemed paltry to she and her legal team, hence her appeal of the Court’s ruling.

That would be a hard check not to accept!

*Ultimately she did accept the payment and her appeal was dismissed.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce and Alimony Attorney in Mississippi and reminds you that the #1 rule, when we’re fighting over stuff and not people, is to take the money.

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