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Best Parenting Advice; Be Consistent and Be Positive

No, this isn’t a Tony Robbins webinar.

This advice comes from years of custody disputes, multiple counselors, being a parent and seeing a lot of what-not-to-do.

#1 Be Consistent

Be there. Show up when you are supposed to. Be there when you can in addition to when you are supposed to. Be supportive mentally, emotionally, financially. Be calm. Be steady. Be there.

#1A Be Positive.

Be a good example. Be a positive role model. Say nice things about your child. Say nice things about the other parent. Be reassuring. Be encouraging. Be loving. Be affectionate.

That’s it. Do those things. You’ll win at parenting.

Matthew Thompson is a child custody attorney in Mississippi and encourages all parents to be consistent and be positive, even you.


Make History Mississippi

Here’s your chance to be a part of history-in-the-making, changing Mississippi for the better.

There is a movement afoot to change/adopt a state flag that celebrates MS, while respecting her heritage. (…at least the heritage worthy of respect.)

The above link is a pre-order for a specialized car tag with a proposed new flag for MS. I for one support and encourage a change. I encourage you to join in, show your support and be a part of making History in Mississippi.

#StennisFlag #PutItUp

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Hot & Cold; Family Law’s balancing act

We all have “bad days.” The same is true for the judge, your lawyer and you.

Ruleville, MS water towers. Photo by Matthew Thompson

Part of the reason that Court is so unpredictable is because there are humans involved in the process. You just do not know what that other persons has had to deal with the last day, week, or month. Those outside influences, while they should not impact a case, can effect the outcome.

When the judge has a “bad” day, lawyers get chastised, witnesses “corrected” and rulings may be delayed. When lawyers have “bad” days client got to jail!

A short post today and not a lot of solutions, however the take away is show grace and until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes, you do not know what someone else is dealing with.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney in Mississippi and former Photo Editor/Photograph for MC Law’s Legal Eye student newspaper.