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Eat Dessert First! 1 Secret to Happy Kids and Special Times

Ahhhh! Dessert.  A sweet ending to a meal…or is it?









A question I often get is “How do I make my time special?”  Dinner and movies, the zoo, department store sprees only go so far.  But, little things can be done and can be memorable.  You do not have to be “Disney Dad” to make the most of your time.  Make pancakes in kooky shapes.  Have a picnic lunch.  Go for a bike ride, hike, or throw the Frisbee at the park.

One thing you can do that your kids will not forget is “eating backwards.”  Start with dessert..end with vegetables.  Try it!

Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody Lawyer in Mississippi and while he doesn’t always “eat backwards,” when he does it starts with a hot, fudgey brownie a la mode.

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A Glimpse in the Divorce Attorney’s Freezer

Capital One features Vikings asking “What’s in your wallet?”  A question for a divorce attorney is “What’s in your freezer?”

photo (18)

Currently in the Freezer.

  • a piece of the top tier of a Wedding cake – it was returned, upon request, from the Ex.
  • a bottle of Reyka Vodka – from Iceland
  • popsicles
  • ice

Formerly in the Freezer.

  • panties
  • other things not as exciting

Things to NOT put in the Freezer.

  • coke, which is forgotten
  • a body
  • hot food items

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Lawyer in Mississippi and reminds you that sometimes you need to clean out the Freezer.

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Being Divorced Means…

Being Divorced, for the Stereotypical Male, Means…

  • You have to do your own laundry; sheets, towels, clothes, underwear. Washing, drying, folding, putting away…
  • You have to pay your bills, like actually writing checks, stamping envelopes, mailing mail…
  • You have to cook, including; shopping for foodstuffs, ingredients, etc…
  • You have to do dishes; washing dirty dishes, pots and pans…

Think about that, before you think about divorce!

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Attorney in Mississippi, and while he enjoys cooking all that other stuff is work!

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