The Day I Ruined Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day.  A day earmarked for outward expressions of love, roses and all things pink and red.  It is also just another day.

In the Family Law arena, Valentine’s Day can be a litmus test.  It determines the state of your union.  It could either be a day where he proves he loves you, he proves he loves someone else, or a day just like any other.

One of my favorite Valentine’s War Stories happened a few years ago. I was meeting a friend/client for lunch on V-day. (Don’t worry, I had dinner plans with the significant other, too).  As I entered the restaurant I locked eyes with an already seated guest.  I gave the acknowledging head nod, meaning I know I know you, though, I was thinking I’m not sure how.  I walked past the table, noticing he was on a romantic lunch date with his squeeze.  As I met my party for lunch it dawned on me.  I know how I know that person. I represent his wife!

As I put the pieces together, I realized his Valentine’s date was not his wife, my client.  It was the other woman!  My lunch-mate asked me why I had “that” look on my face and I said I am familiar with the table in the corner.  He asked,”You mean the couple running out of here?”  As I turned to see, sure enough they high-tailed it out of the restaurant before they could enjoy their Valentine’s meal.  I ruined their Valentine’s, or at least I like to think so. (The case settled shortly thereafter).

Valentine’s Day is ultimately just another day.  Sure, it’s a great time to let the ones you love know it, but so is the day before and the day after.

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi based Divorce Lawyer, and though he dos not ruin many Valentine’s Days, when he does, he ruins it for your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

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