Sentenced to 50 years. Married. Bake me a Cake.

In what is the most bizarre story so far this year, (sorry Charlie Sheen), a California Judge who oversaw a murder trial sentenced the convicted to 53 years in prison then performed a wedding!

Danne Desbrow was first sentenced for murder, then married, all by the same judge! (Screenshot/UT San Diego)

After the trial resulted in a conviction for murder, the matter was reset for sentencing.  The convicted was sentenced to 50 years for murder plus 3 years for intimidating/threatening a witness.  After the sentence was handed down the Judge cleared the Courtroom, except for Court staff the convicted and his fiancée.  The Judge then performed the wedding ceremony wherein  the convict married his girlfriend, who he had rekindled his relationship with while he was in jail awaiting his murder trial.  To top it off, the Judge baked the cake that he parties enjoyed after the ceremony.  Reports indicate it was a frosted, vanilla Bundt cake.  The judge sliced the couple each a piece prior to the ceremony, as reportedly, she was uncomfortable with a knife being around the convicted.

The victim’s family is  understandably upset.

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi based Divorce Lawyer and predicts that this match will not last.

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