And another…Sentenced to 8 Years, Married Co-Defendant and are Soon-to-be-parents!

Earlier today I blogged on a Judge sentencing a convict to 50+ years for murder, performing the wedding ceremony and baking the wedding cake. Now Mississippi  is trying to top that.

A Lee County Court sentenced a man to 10 years, with 8 to serve and restitution to be paid for crimes that he plead guilty to.  Additional sentencing for other criminal charges were suspended due to the above sentence.  Shortly after sentencing, the same Judge married the man and his girlfriend.  His girlfriend was 8 1/2 months pregnant at the time and just so happened to be a co-defendant in the additional charges (house burglary).  Now wife has pleaded not guilty to the burglary charges and is out on bond, awaiting her day in Court.

The Judge commented that he normally does not do this, but “I’m doing this because she’s pregnant.”  You can click the link for the dmNEWS video of the ceremony!

There is no indication that the Judge baked a cake, nor that any refreshments were served.  The parties intend to have a reception in 8 years.

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi based Divorce Lawyer and cautions you that a wedding immediately after your spouse is sentenced does not bode well for a romantic love story.

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One thought on “And another…Sentenced to 8 Years, Married Co-Defendant and are Soon-to-be-parents!”

  1. Lol! He’s been out for two years now and we have another child. 🙂 You try to make a funny story not knowing anything about the system.

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