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Don’t Set Your Wedding Date before the Divorce is Final

Yesterday’s blog regarding not getting re-married on the same day as your divorce inspired some additional excellent advice…

Do NOT set your Wedding Date before the divorce is FINAL.


Obviously, you cannot get re-married if you have a pending divorce. However, you should not set the date to marry your one, true beloved, counting on the divorce to go through from your demented, soon-to-be-ex on time, every time.

Divorce is not Amazon Prime. There is no guaranty that it will be there with next day shipping. In fact, routinely, something occurs to delay the process.  A signature page was left blank or someone forgot to notarize all of the documents. Sometimes the Court is not available on day 61 to enter it and sometimes people change their minds.

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi divorce  attorney and advises you to wait until the divorce is final before setting the date for wedded bliss.



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Is My Marriage Valid? Who May Perform Ceremonies.

Paul McCartney, Bryan Cranston and Lady Gaga all have at least one thing in common…they can perform your marriage ceremony.

§ 93-1-17. By whom marriages may be solemnized

Any minister of the gospel ordained according to the rules of his church or society, in good standing; any Rabbi or other spiritual leader of any other religious body authorized under the rules of such religious body to solemnize rites of matrimony and being in good standing; any judge of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, circuit court, chancery court or county court may solemnize the rites of matrimony between any persons anywhere within this state who shall produce a license granted as herein directed. Justice court judges and members of the boards of supervisors may likewise solemnize the rites of matrimony within their respective counties. Any marriages performed by a mayor of a municipality prior to March 14, 1994 are valid provided such marriages satisfy the requirements of Section 93-1-18.

Musicians, movie stars, the Clergy and even regular folk may perform a marriage ceremony if ordained as a minister per his or her church or society.

Matthew Thompson is a  Family Law Attorney in Mississippi and reminds you to not enter into a marriage lightly, but do so for love, commitment and all the right reasons.

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Sentenced to 50 years. Married. Bake me a Cake.

In what is the most bizarre story so far this year, (sorry Charlie Sheen), a California Judge who oversaw a murder trial sentenced the convicted to 53 years in prison then performed a wedding!

Danne Desbrow was first sentenced for murder, then married, all by the same judge! (Screenshot/UT San Diego) http://laist.com/2013/09/30/prisoner_sentenced_then_married_by.php

After the trial resulted in a conviction for murder, the matter was reset for sentencing.  The convicted was sentenced to 50 years for murder plus 3 years for intimidating/threatening a witness.  After the sentence was handed down the Judge cleared the Courtroom, except for Court staff the convicted and his fiancée.  The Judge then performed the wedding ceremony wherein  the convict married his girlfriend, who he had rekindled his relationship with while he was in jail awaiting his murder trial.  To top it off, the Judge baked the cake that he parties enjoyed after the ceremony.  Reports indicate it was a frosted, vanilla Bundt cake.  The judge sliced the couple each a piece prior to the ceremony, as reportedly, she was uncomfortable with a knife being around the convicted.

The victim’s family is  understandably upset.

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi based Divorce Lawyer and predicts that this match will not last.

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