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When the GATES Come Crashing Down; Bill Gates’ Divorce and How it Impacts YOU.

The celebrity divorce du jour is Bill & Melinda Gates.

After over a quarter century of marriage, Melinda Gates has sought a no-fault divorce from Bill Gates in the state of Washington. The parties appear to be working on an agreement to resolve the dissolution of the marriage and the division of assets.

Of note, Bill Gates was already a billionaire when the parties met and married. Media reports indicate there was no prenuptial agreement and Washington is a community property state, which bodes well for a 50/50 split of assets.

So, how does this impact you?

  1. It’s a lesson that no matter how much money you have it does not guaranty wedded bliss;
  2. You never truly know the health of a marriage from an outside perspective; and
  3. It really doesn’t impact YOU. It has no bearing on the strength of your relationships.

Matthew Thompson is civil litigation attorney and reminds you that other people’s divorces are not really your drama.


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Happy National Bow Tie Day!