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Vote BowTieLawyer; Best Niche & Specialty Blog

As Pappy O’Daniel used to say, “Vote early and vote often.”

BowTieLawyer.ms has been nominated by The Expert Institute’s 2018 Best Legal Blog Contest!

“[T]housands of nominations [were received] for what has shaped up to be The Expert Institute’s largest and most diverse Best Legal Blog Contest yet! Over 100 new blogs entered the competition this year with topics spanning from legal technology and news to law school and niche blogs.”

“Now, we’ve narrowed the field of contestants to the most exciting, entertaining, and informative legal blogs online today. Every one of these blogs has earned its spot as a leader in its category, but now it’s time for our readers to select the best of the best.”

“Readers can submit one vote per blog, but can vote for as many blogs as they like across every category. In order to cast your vote, you must log into the social media platform of your choosing to verify your voter identity. This authentication is intended to prevent duplicate votes. We do not collect or share your information with third parties under any circumstances.” The Expert Institute.

The polls will be open from November 5th to December 17th. We encourage all of our nominees to spread the word about the contest to their readers!

Matthew Thompson is a blogger on BowTieLawyer.ms and appreciates your vote!

BowTieLawyer nominated for Expert Institute’s Best Legal Blog.

It’s an honor just to be nominated.

BowTieLawyer.ms was nominated for The Expert Institute’s third-annual Best Legal Blog Contest! More nominations than ever were received for this year’s competition and included a diverse field of legal blogs that span the full spectrum of the legal landscape.

For Immediate Release BowTieLawyer.ms has been nominated for The Expert Institute’s Best Legal Blog Contest. Vote here.

From a field of hundreds of potential nominees, BowTieLawyer.ms has received enough nominations to join one of the largest competitions for legal blog writing online today.

Now that the blogs have been nominated and placed into their respective categories, it is up to their readers to select the very best. With an open voting format that allows participants one vote per blog, the competition will be a true test of the dedication of each blog’s existing readers, while also giving up-and-coming players in the legal blogging space exposure to a wider audience.

Each blog will compete for rank within its category, while the three blogs that receive the most votes in any category will be crowned overall winners.

The competition will run from September 25th until the close of voting at 12:00 AM on November 3rd, at which point the votes will be tallied and the winners announced.

The competition can be found at https://www.theexpertinstitute.com/blog-contest/

About The Expert Institute:

Founded in 2011, The Expert Institute is a technology-driven platform for connecting qualified experts in every field with lawyers, investment firms, and journalists looking for technical expertise and guidance. The Expert Institute combines a vast database of pre-screened experts with a talented case management team capable of custom recruiting experts to fit the specific needs of our clients. The Expert Institute also maintains one of the internet’s most visited blogs on expert witnesses, in addition to an extensive case study archive and expert witness resource center.

Vote here.

Matthew Thompson is the BowTie Lawyer, practicing family law throughout Mississippi.



Rocket Surgery? Designating Court Experts.

Expert witnesses are routinely used in Divorce cases.  Expert testimony covers a wide gamut of topics, including; Financial, such as appraisals or accounting,  Counseling, regarding fault grounds or custody, Medical, regarding diagnosis and/or treatment, Attorney Fees and other areas.

Rule 26 of the Mississippi Rules of Civil Procedure governs the procedures that litigants must follow in designating expert witnesses. “A party may through interrogatories require any other party to identify;”

  • Each person whom the other party expects to call as an expert witness at trial,

  • To state the subject matter on which the expert is expected to testify, and

  • To state the substance of the facts and opinions to which the expert expected to testify and

  • A summary of the grounds for each opinion. (MRCP 26 (A)(I)).

Further, “A party is under a duty seasonably to supplement that party’s response with respect to any question directly addressed to…the identity of each person expected to be called as an expert witness at trial, the subject matter on which the person is expected to testify, and the substance of the testimony.” (MRCP 26 (f)(1)(B)).

“In regard to matters relating to discovery, the trial court has considerable discretion.” Dawkins v. Redd Pest Control Co., 607 So.2d 1232, 1235 (Miss. 1992).

The Mississippi Court of Appeals has upheld the non-allowance of an expert, not properly disclosed, when the party intending to use the expert did not comply with the Rules of procedure.  In Mallet v. Carter, 803 So.2d 504 (Miss. App. 2002), the Plaintiff was prohibited from using an expert, and her case was ultimately dismissed, for dilatory designation of the experts and providing insufficient discovery related to the experts after the time in which to do so had expired.

Expert testimony can be critical to prove certain aspects, even in seemingly routine cases.  Make sure that you know who your experts are, why you are using them, what their opinions are , what those opinions are based upon AND disclose all of this information to the other side in a timely fashion.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney in Mississippi and frequently certifies witnesses as experts when necessary and has testified as an expert with regard to attorney fees.

Follow the blog: BowTieLawyer Visit the website: Thompson Law Firm

You may also contact Matthew with your family law case, question or concern at (601) 850-8000 or Matthew@bowtielawyer.ms.

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