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Happy Father’s Day!

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How To Tie a Bow Tie. ( A Homecoming Special)

With Homecoming season upon us there is not a better time for an excellent video & a written step-by-step guide on “How to tie a bow tie.”


  1. Tie a basic overhand knot (right over left) and pull the knot to the center of your shirt neck.

  2. Fold the side hanging down of the bow so that the “left bow” is doubled and the “right bow” is a single layer.  The fold on the “left bow” becomes the far edge of the bow tie.

  3. Place the center of the bow on the knot in the center of the shirt neck.

  4. Pull the left side of the bow over the middle of the bow and knot. Hanging straight down.

  5. Snap the bow closed and hold the bow in place.

  6. Lightly pull the closed bow to reveal a small hole behind the bow, but in front of the knot.

  7. Push the “back right bow” through the small hole.

  8. Once through, pull the front left bow and back right bow to straighten and tighten the bow tie.

  9. It does not have to look perfect, and a little imperfection is desired as you tied it yourself.


We’re Moving. TLF is relocating and expanding…

The bow tie is getting bigger!

Thompson Law Firm, pllc, is moving. Our new office will be located in Ridgeland, Mississippi in the Avignon Office Park. The physical address will be; 
Thompson Law Firm, pllc

745 Avignon Drive, Ste. D

Ridgeland, MS 39157

That’s “D” as in divorce.

TLF will be adding additional space, offices, and staff. The new office is conveniently located near the Natchez Trace exit in Ridgeland off of I-55, close to the west end of Spillway Rd., and just one block west of the Old Canton Rd./Lake Harbor intersection. It’s across from Primo’s on Lake Harbor, and just east.

The new space and amenities will allow TLF to better serve and respond to current, former and new clients. TLF has signage on Lake Harbor and in the front of the new building. We will be in the new office full-time in mid-September 2015. Of course the phone numbers and emails will remain the same.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney in Mississippi and is excited about the new digs! Stop by and say “hello.”

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