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I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter & Divorce: What you Need to Know

Per Capita Use of Margarine and the Declining Rate of Divorce in Maine

A website that has emphasized Spurious Correlations has made the connection between Per Capita Consumption of Margarine in the United States and Divorces in the State of Maine.  As one has declined so has the other.

While scientist cannot directly link a cause and effect, perhaps using less margarine may make a stronger marriage…

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The Day I Ruined Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day.  A day earmarked for outward expressions of love, roses and all things pink and red.  It is also just another day.

In the Family Law arena, Valentine’s Day can be a litmus test.  It determines the state of your union.  It could either be a day where he proves he loves you, he proves he loves someone else, or a day just like any other.

One of my favorite Valentine’s War Stories happened a few years ago. I was meeting a friend/client for lunch on V-day. (Don’t worry, I had dinner plans with the significant other, too).  As I entered the restaurant I locked eyes with an already seated guest.  I gave the acknowledging head nod, meaning I know I know you, though, I was thinking I’m not sure how.  I walked past the table, noticing he was on a romantic lunch date with his squeeze.  As I met my party for lunch it dawned on me.  I know how I know that person. I represent his wife!

As I put the pieces together, I realized his Valentine’s date was not his wife, my client.  It was the other woman!  My lunch-mate asked me why I had “that” look on my face and I said I am familiar with the table in the corner.  He asked,”You mean the couple running out of here?”  As I turned to see, sure enough they high-tailed it out of the restaurant before they could enjoy their Valentine’s meal.  I ruined their Valentine’s, or at least I like to think so. (The case settled shortly thereafter).

Valentine’s Day is ultimately just another day.  Sure, it’s a great time to let the ones you love know it, but so is the day before and the day after.

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi based Divorce Lawyer, and though he dos not ruin many Valentine’s Days, when he does, he ruins it for your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

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LUNCH! The highlight of the day.

I frequently find myself counting the minutes until lunchtime.

Salmon 2
Salmon burger and homemade, baked chips from Adobo
photo by Matthew Thompson

I often joke that lunch is the highlight of my day with the only competition being “Quittin’ Time!”

Why is lunch the highlight?  It is a welcome respite for days which are routinely emotional and tough.  Days in which you never know what the next call will be, how urgent, or how critical a need may be. A Lunch break allows you to decompress and recharge.  Also, in my area, there are some fantastic lunch spots.

From mainstream eateries to hole-in-the-wall, off the beaten path diners, one of my hobbies is reviewing lunch spots for the website and social media powerhouse EatJxn.

Visiting different and various restaurants has resulted in new friends, exposure to new cuisine and a greater appreciation that food, instead of dividing us as my work tends to do, is a force that can bring people together.  One of my favorite local spots and favorite reviews is for the Country Kitchen off of West County Line Road, in Jackson, right across the street from Tougaloo College.  Other reviews may be read here, EatJXN Matthew. 

Also, I love to eat.

Matthew Thompson is an Adjunct Professor teaching Domestic Relations at MC Law, a Divorce Attorney and part-time food critic.  Look for him in a classroom, courtroom or dining room near you!

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