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Lie Detectors! How Judges Know When YOU are Lying…

The legal system relies on those persons within it to tell the truth.  All parties, the lawyers and judges are expected to be honest at all times!

When testifying a witnesses takes an oath.  This oath includes that they “swear or affirm the testimony you are about to give is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God.”

However, this oath is sometimes nothing more than mere words to the witness. Here’s the scenario: A witness is testifying about their actions. On the day in question there are photographs showing him, in his truck, parking his truck and exiting his truck, placing him where he says he was not.

Q:  Whose truck is this?(shown a photo of his truck)

A:  I can’t tell from the picture.

Q:  Whose tag is this?(shown a photo of the tag)

A: Oh, that’s my wife’s truck.

Q:  Who drives that truck?

A: We both do.

Q: Who was driving it that day?

A: I don’t know what day…

Q: Look at the date stamp on the picture.

A: Oh…that day, that was me.

Q: It’s true isn’t it that you parked your truck in front of your exes driveway?

A: You can’t tell from the  picture whether I am parked or whether this is just a still shot of me driving by.

Q: This next photograph is of your truck with the driver’s door open and you getting out, correct?

A: Yes.

Q:  Who is that in that green t-shirt?

A:  I can’t tell from the picture who that is. (It’s him!)

Judges apply the smell test to determine your veracity, your truthfulness.  This fellow’s testimony did NOT pass the smell test.  He knew he was NOT telling the whole truth.  He lost his credibility on something seemingly trivial. Judges listen intently and judge you.  That is their job.  If you lie about little things or are “cute” with your answers then they may assume you’ll lie about big things.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Lawyer in Mississippi and recommends you tell the truth and nothing but the truth…but only answer what is asked.

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FLAG on the PLAY; NFL is NO Moral Authority

Moral authority is authority premised on principles which are independent of written laws. As such, moral authority necessitates the existence of and adherence to truth. Because truth does not change, the principles of moral authority are immutable or unchangeable.

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The world has been abuzz the last week over two NFL scandals.  The first involved Ray Rice assaulting his then-fiancee, committing heinous acts of domestic violence, and the NFL’s wrist-slapping until the video of the act came to light.  The second was Adrian Petersen taking a switch to his 4-year old child, leaving numerous switch marks, welts and breaking the skin on the child.

There has been much attention on both and the good from this will be the light shined on domestic violence and proper child discipline.  Neither of these incidents were proper, nor excusable.  However, what the NFL does or does not do should not change your view on either incident.

The NFL is there to make money and provide entertainment.  That’s it.  If you are looking to the NFL to have a true moral compass or for real role models you are looking in the wrong place.  Look to your local neighborhoods, communities and own family for true role models. The professionals, pastors, educators, mothers and fathers – those that give back and do the right thing when no one is looking.  Those are the ones to emulate, if anyone.

The NFL is not designed nor equipped to be role models- they are designed to make money and entertain.

Don’t want to be constantly disappointed? Aim higher.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney in Mississippi, coach of the U7 Girl’s Purple Rush, assistant den leader and involved in numerous community activity groups. 

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It’s Never What you Think!

As an attorney that practices exclusively family law I am routinely posed with questions and scenarios of one person doing everything right and the other everything wrong.  However, when I start digging and asking the right questions I find that “It’s Never What you Think!”

Recently, I was asked by a friend to speak to friend about her potential case.  The potential client had “done everything right,” but the ex and his attorney were “out to destroy her” and would not let up.  She was at wit’s end.  As I was speaking with her I was asking about custody, visitation and support issues.

Lawyer:      “You are current on your support, right?”

Client:         “Yeah…” (said with hesitation)

Lawyer:      “That did not sound convincing”

Client:         “Well, I paid for my kids medical and activities and he has a great job and doesn’t NEED it.”

Lawyer:      “His job doesn’t really matter as far as support goes…what were you ordered to pay?

Client:         “$475.00 per month.”

Lawyer:      “When was the last time you paid $475.00?

Client:         “Years.” (said with hesitation)…”He didn’t need the money.”

This was not an instance of having “done everything right.”  Why the ex waited years to pursue it is a mystery, but he nonetheless has the right to.

In another instance, a “good father” just wanted reasonable visitation. I asked, as I always do,”What is the dirt on you?”

The DIRT is/are the things that the other side says you did, even if you did not do them; substance abuse, crimes, non-payment, hateful things.

In this instance “the dirt” was long ago, recreational drug use and just some routine fussing and fighting.  I said in jest, “Well, so long as you didn’t have a meth lab in the garage…”  “Actually, it was.”  There’s your dirt.

So to all of you well-meaning helpful friends, you are NOT getting the full story.  And to all of you eager attorneys seeking to fight injustice and righting the wrongs of others, get the full story.  It’s Never What you Think!

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney in Mississippi and only believes half of what he sees and even less of what he hears. 

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