FLAG on the PLAY; NFL is NO Moral Authority

Moral authority is authority premised on principles which are independent of written laws. As such, moral authority necessitates the existence of and adherence to truth. Because truth does not change, the principles of moral authority are immutable or unchangeable.

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The world has been abuzz the last week over two NFL scandals.  The first involved Ray Rice assaulting his then-fiancee, committing heinous acts of domestic violence, and the NFL’s wrist-slapping until the video of the act came to light.  The second was Adrian Petersen taking a switch to his 4-year old child, leaving numerous switch marks, welts and breaking the skin on the child.

There has been much attention on both and the good from this will be the light shined on domestic violence and proper child discipline.  Neither of these incidents were proper, nor excusable.  However, what the NFL does or does not do should not change your view on either incident.

The NFL is there to make money and provide entertainment.  That’s it.  If you are looking to the NFL to have a true moral compass or for real role models you are looking in the wrong place.  Look to your local neighborhoods, communities and own family for true role models. The professionals, pastors, educators, mothers and fathers – those that give back and do the right thing when no one is looking.  Those are the ones to emulate, if anyone.

The NFL is not designed nor equipped to be role models- they are designed to make money and entertain.

Don’t want to be constantly disappointed? Aim higher.

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