The #1 Reason Why Friends Vanish During Your Divorce.

Sure, you may be losing a spouse, but you still have your friends, right?

Divorces are hard, messy, time-consuming, energy and money draining. They impact not only your relationship with your spouse and children, but also your relationships with your friends.

Friends, all of a sudden, become witnesses.  That time that Jimmy drank too much at the BBQ and screamed and cursed at you.  Well, Paul witnessed the whole thing, thought Jimmy was out of line and even said as much. It made him wonder what Jimmy was like behind closed doors. But, given some time and the threat of a witness subpoena and Paul does not really “remember” exactly who said what.

When Maggie finds out she may be deposed about what you told her, she all of a sudden is an expert on hearsay and probably won’t be allowed to testify anyway

The #1 reason on why friends vanish…THEY DO NOT WANT TO GET INVOLVED.

They do not want your problems to become their problems.  They do not want to “pick sides.”  They may be willing to be there for moral support, but when faced with Court, and cross examination – most would prefer not to.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney and reminds you that friends don’t let friends go into Court unprepared.

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