It’s Your Case…Prepare to Work.

Hiring a lawyer can be nerve-wracking. It can also be a relief. However, the hard work is not over, even when you hire the right one for you.

I have heard the criticism more than a few times that “I hired that lawyer and I did ALL the work!” Well, yeah, there is a lot for a litigant to do.

You, as the party to a case, have the answers, or at least access to the answers. Within a case, there are a lot of processes to follow. You have to answer written Interrogatories. These are questions the other side gets to ask that you have to answer under oath. These can easily be 30-40 pages, or more!

The other side can request documents requiring you to pour over all of your prior tax records, bank records, credit card statements, pictures that you consider evidence, videos, diaries, notes, memos, texts…all of which takes a mountain of effort and time to gather. And, you have to do it.

The other side can take your deposition, an under oath interview. You have to prepare for that. 

All of this legal jujitsu can result in a trial. You have to prepare for that. You have to know the facts of your case. You have to recall incidents and testify truthfully. You have to be specific. You have to know what you want and why.  

A good lawyer will know the process and all the steps, but you will still have to do some heavy lifting. 

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi Divorce and Custody lawyer and cautions you that you will have a lot of work ahead of YOU to do your case right.

Don’t place your child in the middle.

Children CAN testify, even if they shouldn’t. Children DO GET a SAY in their custody if they are 12 or older and choose to.

However, the child does not get to “pick” where he or she will live.  They get a vote that is to be considered, but does not have to be absolutely followed by the Court. Additionally, as a parent, you should avoid putting the child in that situation when/if possible.

In fact, you should avoid placing your child in the middle of any disputes between you and the other parent. It is not good for the child and not good for your relationship with them.

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi Child Custody lawyer and reminds you to be a parent first.

Judicial Runoff Results (selected)

Appeals Court District 4 Position 2

Show or hide race▾

David McCarty


Jeff Weill
53,151 34%


Tiffany Grove edges out  Monique Brown-Barrett.


Troy Odom wins over Mel Coxwell to take the seat of retiring John Grant. 

CHANCERY CT. DIST 14 Place 1 (Starkville, Columbus, et. al.)

Lee Ann Turner vs. Rodney Faver  appears too close to call…

JOE STUDDARD over Carrie Jourdan


LEFLORE COUNTY  (includes additional Delta counties)

Willie J. Perkins, Sr. over Katherine Tackett Mills 

THE COAST Chancery Court Judge 8, 3 

Margaret Alfonso narrowly ousts Sandy Steckler 

This race was exciting because of the candidates. Judge Steckler was the incumbent. Judge Alfonso is a former Chancellor who left Chancery for Youth Court (County Court). This made for a very recent former Chancellor against a current Chancellor and they actually served together.

Chancery Court District 16 Place 2, SW Coastal Counties

 Tanya Hasbrouck over Ashlee Trehern.

Harrison County Court/Youth Court

Mike Dickinson over  Anna Ward Sukmann

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