The Rain is Coming…Go VOTE

We’re about to get drenched. No, not for Halloween trick-or-treating, as the weather predictors have moved the rain coming in to late this evening and tomorrow. But, with an election on Tuesday, Nov. 6, the onslaught of adds, information, misinformation, and rhetoric.


There are numerous interesting campaigns throughout the state.

Hinds County Chancery Court (aka Family Court) has 2 contested elections.

Chancery Court Judge Sub 5-2

Patricia Wise – Current Chancellor – is retiring.

The candidates are;

Reginald Harrion 

Born in Jackson, Mississippi, at the former Hinds General Hospital, Reginald Harrion is an attorney proudly residing in Jackson, Mississippi.  He has active licenses to practice law in Arizona, Georgia, and Mississippi, as well as multiple federal district and bankruptcy courts.  He is presently employed as the “Chancery Attorney” at Richard Schwartz & Associates, P.A., and is charged with handling minors’ settlements, estates, conservatorships, and guardianships.  His work has afforded him the benefit of entering appearances in all 20 Chancery Court districts in the State of Mississippi.

Reginald is a former Specially Appointed Judge for the Hinds County Chancery Court.  He served as a Special Master to hear civil commitment cases and recommend courses of action and services for persons needing inpatient and outpatient mental treatment.  He also served as a Family Master to hear cases and recommended judgments establishing, modifying, and enforcing paternity and child support actions filed by the Mississippi Department of Human Services.

Read more about Reginald Harrion here.

Crystal Wise Martin

Crystal Wise Martin of Jackson, daughter of Mr. Mark and Judge Patricia Wise (current chancellor), received her B.S. in Chemistry from Spelman College, her B.Ch.E. from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1995, and her J.D. from the University of Mississippi in 1998.

She was admitted to the Mississippi Bar in May, 1998, and joined Langston, Frazer, Sweet and Freese, P.A. She taught Legal Writing at the University of Mississippi, worked in the Lafayette County District Attorney’s Office, and the Office of the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi.

In February 2008, she served as Attorney to the Hinds County Board of Supervisors. In 2014, she begin operating the law firm of Precious Martin, Sr. & Associates, PLLC, the firm started by her late husband, of more than 14 years, Precious T. Martin, Sr.

She has served as a member of Mississippi Supreme Court’s Pro Hac Vice Commission; Magnolia Bar Association, President and Secretary; Mississippi Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division; Capital Area Bar Association; and Mississippi Association for Justice. She is the host of the local radio segment called “Talk of the Town” on 90.1 WMPR. She is the proud mother of four children, Precious, Jr. (age 15), Daniel (age 13), Alyssa (age 10), and Anna (age 8).

Read more about Crystal Wise Martin here.

More posts to follow this week, through next week…

Legal Ad from 1774- Cutting off the “Credit Card”

This is to give notice, that my Wife PHEBE has very much misbehaved herself, and not acted the part of a dutiful Wife: I do forbid all person trusting of her on my account, for I will not pay any debt of her contracting


Anthony is trying to not be responsible for Phebe’s charges. Oh, Phebe!

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Attorney in Mississippi and can help you with Phebe’s charges.

When do YOU get to Keep the Ring?

I have written about when you do NOT get to keep the ring. The Mississippi Supreme Court has affirmed a time when you do…


In the case of Cummins v. Goolsby, the Mississippi Supreme Court affirmed the “fiancee”  keeping the ring even though the parties did not get married. However, there was a catch.  The groom-to-be was married to another at the time of the engagement!

In fact at the time of the appeal, the groom-to-be was still married. The Court’s rationale was that conditioning a gift on marriage when one cannot lawfully marry violates public policy and constitutes unclean hands. Thus, the chancellor did not err when awarding the ring to the now “ex-fiancee.”

Also, the Court ruled that the groom-to-be now father, was not entitled to a credit of the value of the ring against child support owed for the child he had with his “ex-fiancee.”

There are several lessons to be learned from this case…

Matthew Thompson is a child custody and matrimonial lawyer in Mississippi.

Divorce, Child Custody & Child Support, Alimony, Contempt, Modification, Youth Court, TPR/ Adoption and Appeals.

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