MS Bar Convention; Day 3= “Free Junk”

It’s Day 3 of the MS Bar Convention. This means “summer school” is wrapping up by noon and the vendors/exhibits are being set up!

Starting at noon on the 3rd day, dozens of vendors set up a dizzying array of exhibits. Banks, Insurance, and Legal Research companies are vying for attorney business. And, how do they woo you? Free junk.

Totes, pens, pencils, pop sockets, glasses cloths, zippy pouches, beach balls, frisbees, stress balls, candy, t-shirts, sunglasses, sanitizer, sun screen, hats, note pads, cups, first aid kits, among other items that you cannot possibly live without…

All you have to do is visit with the vendor, make eye contact and sometimes just be standing nearby to gain some loot. A visit to a vendor also gets you in the running for the good stuff.

The good stuff is dealt out via a raffle. You enter it by visiting a certain number of vendors, getting the corresponding sticker or stamp and turning in your card.

These prizes are good; Yeti coolers, RayBans, iPads, drones, remote control doo-dads, gigantic stuffed animals, autographed footballs, and gift cards.

Day 3 also brings on the Welcome Reception. This is a family-friendly event with a kid’s dinner served in a beach pail; hot dogs and chips and such, and there are heavy hors d’oeuvres and drinks for the adults. This party always has a theme, usually related to whatever family movie is playing on one end of the ball room.

Attendees mix and mingle and have a good time. Lawyers, Judges and their families from all over the state attend. It really is a fun event.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney and regular attendee of the Mississippi Bar Convention.

MS Bar Convention; On the 2nd Day…CLE

The Mississippi Bar Convention is the annual meeting where lawyers attend mandatory Continuing Legal Education (CLE).

2019 Agenda (partial)

Lawyers are required to attend 12 hours of CLE each year including an hour of ethics. Typically lawyers attend a session that coincides with their practice area.

The attorneys at TLF routinely are presenters at CLEs throughout the year for the MS Bar Center, MC Law, Ole Miss law, MVLP and the MS Center for Legal Services, among others.

Matthew Thompson is a frequent speaker at CLEs throughout the state and speaks on Family Law, Ethics and Gun Law.


The Mississippi Bar Convention…Lawyers, Judges and Barristers, oh my!

Who would want to go on vacation with a bunch of lawyers?!

The Mississippi Bar Convention is the annual meeting where the Bar, the entity that oversees all lawyers admitted to practice law in Mississippi, conducts its installation of incoming officers, celebrates those lawyer & judges that have done praiseworthy acts, and hosts general family fun.

Lawyers can complete their annual requirements for Continuing Legal Education, meet other lawyers from different parts of the state and/or different practice areas and see your judges with their “hair down.”

There are parties, receptions, lunches, dinners, events and games. And all of this is happens on the sunny, sandy beaches of san Destin, FL.

So, who has two thumbs and wants to vacation with a bunch of lawyers? This guy.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney in Mississippi and has attended the convention for 13 years.

Divorce, Child Custody & Child Support, Alimony, Contempt, Modification, Youth Court, TPR/ Adoption and Appeals.

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