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“Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney who knows how to tie a bow tie and is an experienced eater and amateur chef of all types of cuisine.  He is excited to share his food experiences with you! Follow him on Twitter @wmatthewt for Food and Law interests.”

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Capitol Grill

Red Beans and Rice!

There’s a new Grill in town…The Red Beans were seasoned well and included sliced, smoky sausage and well-cooked rice. Not spicy, but seasoned. There was nothing to complain about. It came with some crusty French bread, and they made the dish look pretty.

Gloria’s Kitchen

Gloria’s Kitchen – Soul Food.

The fried chicken is some good yardbird. Hot, crispy, salty. It is plain good fried chicken. A close second was the red beans and rice. Because I asked real nice, they let me try the red bean as a side instead of the entrée. The beans were seasoned – that is my biggest gripe with some other area red beans – I think most are under seasoned. These were not. And the sausage. The sausage was delicious.

CRAB’S Seafood Shack

Shack Grilled Oysters

Even if you don’t like oysters give these a try.  For one they are cooked, and have very little in common with their raw, former-self, and two they are in butter, garlic and cheese.  What’s not to like?  They come with a side of cocktail sauce and lemons.  Squeeze some lemon, but save the cocktail sauce for the shrimp or the saltine crackers.  The Oysters do not need it.

Bruno’s Adobo

Salmon Burger

The salmon was moist and not fishy.  The dill mayo made me think that Bruno was the “capered-crusader,” the capers added a great burst of lemon, the avocado added creaminess and richness and the bun was toasted on the outside and soft in the middle adding some crunch and texture.  It was a truly great sandwich.

SHUCKERS on the Rez

The nachos were actually really good. The chips were light and crisp, not the ones from the bag at the grocery store. The nachos were loaded with all the fixins’: savory ground beef, shredded cheese, diced red onions, chopped chives, jalapeños, a side of salsa and sour cream and cheese sauce straight out of a dispenser. Sometimes, dispenser cheese it what the Doctor ordered. Well, maybe not actually what the Doctor ordered, but I believe processed cheese product has its place in the American diet, especially when talking about game day food. The Nachos were good; they were plentiful and satisfying.

TIME OUT Sports Cafe

World Series Platter

Time Out was a shining star at service. We were welcomed on arrival. Menus were delivered, and our order was taken promptly. Our drinks brought quickly and continuously refreshed. Service was friendly—genuinely friendly, not “fake friendly”. This added to a good experience at Time Out.


Coconut Shrimp, crab claws and Sam Adams.

The coconut shrimp were good.  Large, butterflied shrimp fried golden in a crisp coconut flake breading.  The shrimp were very good.  However, they came with a dipping sauce of what I believe to be apple sauce, pineapple juice, coconut flake and red pepper.  The sauce was weird and not an enhancement to the shrimp.  Eat the shrimp; ditch the sauce.


Country Kitchen

This experience was a memorable one for the food and camaraderie. If your goal is to experience a melting pot of cultures, races, and creeds, then start having lunch at places outside the ordinary with your friends of other races. Break bread to break barriers and break stereotypes – except when it comes to corn muffins, because you want those to be stereo-typically good.


Hickory Pit

Hickory Pit’s décor is quintessential BBQ. Old wood siding for walls, old Coca-Cola signage and other metal signs that you see Mike and Frank from American Pickers buying on History Channel. The Jackson location recently added a front covered dining area, in-effect expanding their dining room, and creating a neat atmosphere for dining al fresco.  At least as neat as you can get 25 feet from a very busy hub in Jackson. They also have a drive thru!


Chimneyville Smokehouse

FOOD – Get the pulled pork.  It’s Fine(emphasis on the capital F!).  The Smoked Chicken is a homerun too.  The sides provided a great variety of more than typical BBQ sides, so picky eaters will find something they like here.


Pig Shak

The ribs are great. They are tender, but with a little firmness holding them to the bone, which is actually more ideal than “falling off the bone” that we hear so much about. They are seasoned well with a dry rub and then some of that signature spice is sprinkled on top after the plate is prepared.  The ribs made the visit worth it. They were good.


Bill’s Greek Tavern

If you like Comeback, Bill’s will have you coming back. It is good. It’s good on the salad, it’s good on the shrimp, it’s good on the melba-toast crackers… It’s just thatgood. The Salad also has two pita triangles adorning it, which are lightly toasted and also make good use of the remnants of the Comeback dressing.


Mama’s Eats-N-Sweets

ATMOSPHERE: This place is quintessential “hole in the wall.” An older building that ain’t near nuthin’. It’s clean inside, has nice assortment of booths and tables and a very efficient lunch service, at a good value. It’s about $8 for a meat, 2 vegetables, bread and sweet tea.


Smoked Duck at Mr. Chen’s

The Sesame Chicken was better than average.  This is where Mr. Chen’s can excel past the buffets.  Your meal is cooked to order so the chicken is hot, crispy and has not had time to get soggy in the sauce.  The fried rice, likewise, benefits from this preparation.  Hot and fresh is superior to sitting in the chafing dish.

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