Be the CAPTAIN of the Ship! (Or at least know how to be…)

“O’ Captain! My Captain!”


Divorce, separation and break-ups are hard. They create situations where you have to do things that you normally did not have to do.

A recent fight over the boat brought this lesson home.  The parties had a nice boat.  Both wanted it. Stereotypes would have you to believe that the Husband was really the Captain and the Wife was posturing.  However, you would be wrong.  The wife could Captain that boat with the best of them.  Somewhat intrigued, I asked why would you Captain the boat.  The response was, “What if I did not have someone else to do it? I needed to know how...”

This is why you teach your kids how to change a flat, even in days of AAA and cell phones.

The best advice for today, “Be Your Own Captain!

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney in Mississippi and can Captain the ship.

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