Tip of the Day:”Hott Sexxy Gurl”

If your email or text signature ends with Emojis and
Hott Sexxy Gurl,” it’s time for a change.

jennythip /free digitalphotos.net

In a Family Law situation you will be judged. You will be judged by the Judge, as that is his/her job. You will be judged by the other party’s attorney, the Guardian Ad Litem, and, frankly, every other person you come into contact with.

If every email ends in “šŸ˜‰ Hott Sexxy Gurl,” you will be judged. Rightly or wrongly, you will be judged.

Change your email and text signatures. It could just be your first name. Also, get a new email address if it’s “CuteBunnyLove@aol.com” or “JuneLovesJohnny@gmail.com.” One, you do not want to be reminded that June no longer loves Johnny and, two, it’s no longer cute.

Will it really make a difference? One would hope not, but why leave it to chance. It’s an easy quick change and it cannot hurt your case.



Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody Ā Attorney in Mississippi andĀ reminds you that you are being judged.

Follow the blog: #BowTieLawyerĀ .Ā You may also contact Matthew with your family law case or question atĀ (601) 850-8000Ā orĀ Matthew@bowtielawyer.ms

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