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Quote of the Day: Covid-19 & Homeschooling.

I’d rather have him watch classic Godzilla movies and play in the yard and pretend to be a Jedi rather than figure out basic math.

A Boston, MA parent is tired of homeschooling his kindergartener.

Amid the barrage of learning apps, video meet-ups and e-mailed assignments that pass as pandemic home school, some frustrated and exhausted parents are choosing to disconnect entirely for the rest of the academic year.“Id.

Respect and admiration for teachers are growing as the pandemic-forced school closures continue.

As a parent, your job is to do what is best for your child, even during a pandemic.

Matthew Thompson is a child custody lawyer and enjoys his share of Godzilla and Jedi movies, but reminds parents that rearing your child continues to be a top priority.

Mississippi Essential Services; COVID-19 & Executive Order 1463

While we are operating under a Shelter-in-Place Order, some of us are deemed essential and are still carrying on. Below is a cut and paste job of Mississippi’s listing of “Essential” businesses and personnel.

This includes all law enforcement, fire and rescue, court personnel, military, 911 and Child Welfare workers.
Manufacturers of food, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, and energy among others…

Chiefs vs. 49ers; Motion for Continuance