If the CIA Can’t get Away With an Affair What Makes you Think you Can?!

Unless you live in a cave, or in the path of Hurricane Sandy, you have heard about the CIA director’s recent revelation that he was having an affair.  It resulted in his immediate resignation which was accepted by the White House.  While the full details will likely never be known, the fact remains that the head of the CIA, arguably a person who could keep a secret, had a big secret of his own exposed. (I realize conspiracy theories abound as to why, but that’s not the point.)

I am often asked what are some signs of an Affair. Below are some common red flags to look for;
  • Guarded of the Cell Phone.  The phone is password protected and/or never off of their person.
  • A Second Cell Phone.  They have a 2nd phone without a need or the other phone is secret.
  • Change in Attire.  The spouse is dressing in trendier clothes or “younger” or more “revealing” clothes.
  • New Undies.  Provocative undergarments appear that you don’t see in use.
  • Working out.  A sudden change in their workout regimen, without a scare from the Dr. and it’s not New Year’s Day.
  • Body Grooming.  Manscaping, or new cologne, perfumes, etc.
  • Tanning.  A sudden desire to tan.
  • Teeth Whitening.  All of a sudden caring about hygiene when they previously did not so much.
  • Body Augmentation.  Having lifts or lipos.
  • New Career.  A career shift that is out of the ordinary.
  • Longer Work Hours.  Having to work late, a lot more often, and out-of-town travel when they previously did not.
  • Unexplained Absences.  Going to the store for some milk and being gone 6 hours.
  • Bad On-Line Habits.  Surfing at all hours of the night, deleting the browser history.
  • FaceBooking Old Flames.
  • Financial Shenanigans.  Raiding joint accounts or creating new accounts and directing their monies to those.

If you see a number of these warning signs, keep your eyes and ears open, your wits about you and go see an attorney.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney in Mississippi and believes if the CIA can’t cover up an affair, you probably can’t either.

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