Do I Need a Lawyer?

This question, “Do I NEED a Lawyer?” is asked of me on an almost daily basis.  It’s one of those questions that when you ask a lawyer if you need a lawyer – you know what the answer is going to be. “Yes!  You need a a lawyer.”  If you are having to ask if you need a lawyer, you probably need a lawyer.

So, when do you NEED a lawyer?

  • When you have been sued.  If there is an active lawsuit you need to see a lawyer.
  • When you have been seriously injured and it was not your fault.  This applies to car wrecks, but it also applies to any injury.
  • When you have been arrested.  Law Enforcement involvement is usually a significant sign that you need an attorney.
  • When there are significant risks involved.  Lawyers are trained to identify and attempt to minimize risk.

Well, you think, if I talk to a lawyer it may make the issue more serious.  Perhaps, but lawyers, for the most part try to help.  Their goal is to advise you, help you, and/or defend you from whatever harm is at issue.  Knowing your rights, being prepared, and being fully informed are never negatives to self-preservation.

Okay, so I need a lawyer. How do I find one? Glad you asked. (click me)

If you think you need a lawyer, You Do.  If you are asking yourself, or others, if you need a lawyer, You Do.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney in Mississippi.  He uses an attorney when he needs one and you should too.  Trust the Bow Tie.

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3 thoughts on “Do I Need a Lawyer?”

  1. I like your attitude. It’s not pushy and its very pleasant. You explained in a very simple and straight forward way why someone will need a lawyer. Currently I don’t need a lawyer – but if I’ll need one. You’ll the first I’ll contact.

    Great article. Keep on with the good work.


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