10 Annoying Attorney Traits

My inspiration was a recent blog with a similar topic of the 10 most annoying type of persons.  It had some salty language so I did not re-post, but it got me thinking about things that lawyers do that are annoying.  Here are just 10 of them.

10.   Use Legalese.  Sometimes there is not a plain English equivalent term, but come on.  Please don’t constantly say whereby, wherefore, use Latin terms, or over use allegedly.

9.   Always Angry.  Yes, you have a law degree, but that doesn’t give you a license to be jerk.  Perhaps there is a time and place for being a jerk, but it’s not often.

8.   Don’t Return Calls.  Your time is valuable, we know.  If you get a call return it in a timely manner.  Things happen, you forget, you get busy, you’re writing a new blog post…Return the call.

7.   Blaming the Paralegal.  So every mistake or miscue at your office is someone else’s fault?  Well, you hired them.  Take responsibility for your action or inaction.

6.   Cause Delay.  Attorneys have a unique and uncanny ability to make things take immensely longer than they should.  Is it because they are paid more if it takes longer? Billable hours, Hmmmm.

5.   Take on too Much.  This attorney is always on the go, juggling balls in the air, having 2 court appearance in the same day and it makes you exhausted just to speak to them…if they call you back.

4.   Take on Things They Should Not.  This attorney tries to be a jack of all trades and master of none.  If you can do it great.  If you don’t know what to do, pass on taking the representation.

3.    Always Late.  This attorney is always rushing, but not getting anywhere on time.  There is always an excuse and they figure the judge will be late anyway.

2.    Constantly Curse.  This one is dropping curse words in every conversation.  Most are inappropriate and crude , but hell…

1.    Know it All.  They have an answer for everything. Why you are wrong, why they are right.  There is no compromise unless it’s on their terms.  They are exhausting to speak to.

What do attorneys do that annoys you?  Leave a comment, but don’t say “wear a bow tie.”

Matthew is a family law attorney and native Mississippian who tries NOT to be an annoying attorney, though he has on occasion exhibited some of the traits above.  (3 this week!)  

Follow his blog: BowTieLawyer    Visit his website: Thompson Law Firm, pllc

You may also contact Matthew with your family law case, question or concern at (601) 850-8000 or Matthew@wmtlawfirm.com.

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