Churchill Wisdom; On Guns

Winston Churchill, who appears not infrequently as a part of this blog, was known to carry a firearm on his person. images

The above, a 1896 Broomhandle Mauser, was his military issued firearm.

According to British firearms author and historian Richard Law, knowing Churchill had been targeted by Hitler’s agents for assassination, Churchill always went armed, his bodyguards notwithstanding.  He kept a Thompson sub-machine gun, loaded in a rack within easy reach in his official limousine.  Discovering that his chief bodyguard carried a little .32 Webley, Churchill ordered a new Colt Government Model .45 for his him.  A short time later, Churchill asked the chief bodyguard how he liked the new pistol. The man replied that he was still carrying the .32 because the Colt was too heavy.

“Give it to me, then,” snapped Churchill, as he shoved it into his overcoat.   This became the great leader’s personal carry gun until the end of the war.

Prior Churchill Wisdom includes;

Mississippi, beginning in July, will allow open carry and 2 levels of concealed carry are currently available for residents.

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