Car Wreck Attorney = Car Wreck Divorce

Hiring a Non-Family Lawyer for your Family Law Case May NOT be Best. I am not disparaging Car Wreck attorneys, except to the extent that they should not be taking on a contested divorce case unless they know what they are doing.

Yeah…I got ’em both in the garage.

All too often I find myself dealing with a client’s divorce after the fact.  After they had a non-family law attorney “handle” it for them.  It ain’t pretty.

There is a misconception among attorneys that regardless of anything else, you can always do Divorces and Wills.  This claim has shown true, especially in the economic climate we are currently experiencing.  There is a glut of “divorce” attorneys who aren’t.

The benefits of having an experienced attorney handle your matter are countless.  An experienced attorney knows the ins and outs of the law, knows the particulars of the local judges, and knows the other attorneys that practice in the area.  This knowledge and experience is INVALUABLE.  Additionally, experience is the best teacher.  Practicing family law for close to a decade, or longer, is always advantageous to 1) having studied domestic relations in law school and 2) helped your neighbor’s cousin in his divorce.

Want to know that you are being represented and represented well, get an attorney experienced in the area of law you need.  Want your divorce to be a Car Wreck, hire a Car Wreck attorney.

Matthew Thompson is an experienced family law attorney in Mississippi and would hire a car wreck attorney to handles his car wreck case, not a divorce.

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