Protecting Valuables vs. Values; Which is Worth More?

One aspect of my practice that is important to me is the protection of client valuables (assets), but also just as important, if not more so, and often overlooked is protecting client’s values.

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Values you say?  What kind of divorce attorney cares about values?  Well, they do seem to be fewer and far between, but they do exist.  An attorney that values a client’s values is a good attorney to have.  There are lots of tricks and subterfuge possible in family law.  Financial disclosure are by and large based on the oath of the party completing it.  Sure there are account statements, but it would be easy to fudge on.  One recent case where values succumbed to valuables, the husband “forgot” to disclose he won the lottery 2 months before the divorce was final.  Oops.  Another, the husband did not disclose multiple houses and a subdivision that were acquired during the marriage.  He figured nobody would find out.

So, why are values important?  Valuables come and go.  You can’t take them with you and all the other materialism clichés apply here.  The bottom line is that Values, how you handle yourself in the divorce, how your children see you treating your ex, and how you parent in a divorce situation, matter more than stuff.

Matthew Thompson is an Asset Protection and Family Law Attorney in the Hospitality State and knows that values can be worth far more than valuables. 

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