Sometimes You Go to Bed Angry!

“Never go to bed angry,” they say.  Well sometimes that just leads to being overtired and angrier.

David Castillo Dominici/

We’ve all heard the advice to never go to bed angry, but what happens when you don’t get your disagreement resolved? Is watching the sunrise a magic antidote to resolving your issues?  I contend that it’s not and that sleep deprivation just contributes to the problem.  Sometime rest, a cool head and some time for inner-reflection help.

I am not saying that your grandmother was wrong, but several of those sayings have been debunked – you do not Feed a Cold and Starve a Fever, lightning does strike twice, and you will not drown of cramps if you swim immediately after eating.

While resolving your differences ASAP is usually the best policy, sometimes one size does not fit all.

“Get some sleep!” – Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney and recommends a good night sleep and keeping your routine, as much as possible, especially when dealing with conflict.

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