Stay “Connected” to Your Kids.

Hello? How are you?  I miss you! I love you!


That’s it.  If you do nothing else your kids will know that you are thinking about them, that you love them, miss them and desire a relationship.  Too often, in divorce/custody settings, it is easy to fall into the trap of “it’s not my time.”  This trap allows days and sometimes weeks go by with little to no communication.  Sometimes the other parent contributes to this or directly interferes, but you should attempt to do it anyway.

Call, email, text, FaceTime, Skype, send letters, cards, gift cards, and small gifts or trinkets.  It does not have to be expensive, an occasion or ” your time.”

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law & Divorce Attorney in the Hospitality State.  Be sure and show your child your hospitality!

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