Do NOT take this to Court.

Spending many hours in Courtrooms throughout the State of Mississippi I have learned some things and seen some stuff.  Today are the things that you should NOT bring to Court.

So you know to bring the evidence you need, your witnesses, and your attorney.  But, what should you NOT bring:

  • Food/Drinks.  This is a standard Court rule.  There are usually vending machines in the halls.  Even attorneys cannot get away with this one.
  • Cell Phone.  Again a fairly standard procedure.  With every phone having audio and video recording options, cell phones are on the short-list of no-nos.
  • Purse.  My purse?  Yes.  The Court does not allow purses these days.  Leave it in the car.
  • Weapons.  Any kind of weapon, including but not limited to pocket knife, scissors, obviously firearms.  Most Court have metal detectors.
  • Hotheaded Relatives or Friends.  The Court does not need your Uncle in the audience guffawing, sighing, snickering or gossiping during Court. If he cannot control himself he’ll be removed from the Courtroom anyway.
  • Crying Babies.  The days of babies being necessary for Court are over.  No longer will the jury/judge look at the baby and look at the putative father to see if there is a resemblance.  Don’t take a baby to Court.

Matthew Thompson is a practicing attorney in Mississippi Divorce Court.  NO SHOES, NO SHIRT, NO COURT!

One thought on “Do NOT take this to Court.”

  1. And might I add to the list, because I have seen it before – NO SEE THROUGH CLOTHING – mesh, fishnet or anything where your underthings or your lack of underthings can be seen!

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