Little People, Big Divorce?

Well, I guess it was bound to happen.  According to People magazine, and a plethora of other online sources the Roloff’s, America’s Little Couple, have separated.
Amy Roloff Matt Roloff

The stars of Little People, Big World, which regales America with the Roloff’s somewhat hectic life, dealing with dwarfism, and running a farm in Oregon have announced a trial separation.  The two apparently intend to continue to work together, on the farm and on the TLC program which made them familiar to millions.

In Mississippi, a trial separation just amounts to not living with each other and does not require any Court process, as there is No Legal Separation. In Oregon, Legal Separation is recognized, and while allowing for the marriage to remain intact it provides for the parties to live apart, can divide property, divide debt, determine support, if any and provide for parenting plans.

Despite their many on-air disputes, here’s hoping they can resolve this amicably for the little and not-so little people in their lives, their 3 children.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Litigation Attorney in Mississippi and can handle your matter whether it’s big or little.

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